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Vehicle Tracking Systems: Which One Should You Choose?

Posted on the 19 November 2012 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

The first step of choosing between the different vehicle tracking systems on the market is identifying what is most important to your business. What information will help you achieve your business goals? Are you most concerned with saving money? Lowering your gas bill? Or are you trying to focus on picking up extra jobs? Choosing the right tracking system for your company can help you zero in on the inefficiencies that are holding your business back.
Once you have figured out what your business needs to accomplish, you are ready to start looking at different features of vehicle tracking systems.

  • Tracking your drivers: If you simply want to know where your drivers are taking your vehicles throughout the day, you may need just a tracking system. If your employees are lying to you and misusing your company vehicles, GPS tracking is the best way to find out and stop bad behavior in its tracks.
  • Gas Savings: If you are looking to cut back on fuel costs, you need to look at vehicle tracking systems that have preset alerts. Reducing unnecessary idling and speeding can reduce your fuel bill considerably. The Fleetmatics Idling Alert sends a notification when a vehicle crosses the idling threshold preset by the user, while the Speed Limits feature does the same when a vehicle exceeds a set speed limit. With all vehicle tracking systems, the basic tracking function can also help you reduce your gas bill by aiding in efficient routing.
  • Reduce human error and administrative costs: Some vehicle tracking systems have timecard reporting so that you can make sure your drivers are paid correctly. Timecard reporting can help you reduce unearned overtime pay and also cut back on heavy paperwork in the office.
  • Picking up Extra Jobs: If you are interested in getting more business while your drivers are out on the road, your choice of GPS tracking needs to have a “Find Nearest Vehicle” feature. When a job comes up during the day, you can use this functionality to find your closest technician. Adding just three extra jobs a week can increase your bottom line significantly.

You will find that with all vehicle tracking systems your company will see both time and cost savings just by implementation of the tracking functionality. However, it is up to you to identify what you need and want from a GPS tracking system. When you identify your goals, you can begin to shop around and find the system that will align best with your objectives.

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