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Veggie, Veggie, Veggie Salad {with Pasta}

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Oh wow! We’ve done it again. We cooked something crazily delicious.

After I got home from basketball I chomped a few grapes. I ended up playing with the girls a little bit and after my workout this afternoon I needed some fuel, plus I needed my second serving of fruit.


I was one hungry beast and Max wasn’t here yet so I couldn’t start cooking.

I found this amazing pasta salad recipe on Kjirsten’s blog: Balanced Healthy Life.


Since I can’t eat dairy… let’s just say it’s devastating but after lots of psycho therapy I can get through the day…  I’m always looking for pasta dishes. So many of them are not very tasty once I take out the cheese or the creamy sauce. When I read this recipe this afternoon and saw that it had no cheese, cream, butter, or feta anywhere near the ingredients list I was sold.

I e-mailed Max the link, he was stoked and we knew what we were making for dinner. Voila!

We did change the recipe, but not a lot. Click over to her blog and get the original recipe with cooking times and quantities.


I cooked 3 different types of brown rice pasta while Max got to chopping all the veggies. Kjirsten’s recipe includes Tuna (which I love) but Max doesn’t like it so we went the veggie route.


Once the pasta was cooked we started cooking all the veggies. First we sautéed red onion in evoo, then added 2 cloves of crushed garlic. After that cooked we added the frozen artichoke hearts and brussels sprouts. That cooked for about 8 minutes then we added the cherry tomatoes and capers. Finally we added the mushrooms.


Love all the colors, so many nutrients! We seasoned everything like the recipe intended with thyme, salt, and pepper.


Once we added the thyme the kitchen smelled AMAZING!




Our mixture ended up being way loaded with veggies. In fact it was more like veggie salad with a few noodles.

I’m definitely okay with that!


I ate this whole bowl then went back for seconds!


round two.

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