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Vegetarian Mandarin Salad with Mandarin Dressing!!!

By Sophies Foodie

Hello my friends,

I had a few fresh veggies & fruits in my fridge that I needed to use up. I had to create a delicious one, didn’t I? I used fresh mandarin in the salad as well into the lovely dressing, all home-made, of course!

Can you guess the ingredients?

Vegetarian Mandarin Salad with mandarin dressing!!!

Lovely, healthy & delicious!

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Did you guess correctly? Let’s see!

Recipe: For 2 big salads!

Ingredients for the salad:

60 gr cleaned, washed, spun dry spinach leaves, 30 gr per plate

2 heads of Belgian endive (chicory), cleaned, hard core removed, cut up to your liking, 1 head per plate

20 gr chopped roasted hazelnuts, 10 gr per person

2 peeled fresh mandarins, into segments, 1 mandarin per plate

120 gr fresh sheep’s cheese, 60 gr per plate, cut up into cubes

Ingredients for the dressing:

2 peeled mandarins, pulled into segments

1 small tablespoon white wine vinegar

some grins of black pepper

a pinch or 3 of sea salt

3 tablespoons of  a peppery extra virgin olive oil


Arrange 30 gr of fresh spinach leaves onto the base of each plate, all evenly spread out onto each plate. In the middle of each plate, top with one chopped chicory. Arrange your sheep’s cheese cubes on the outside of each plate. Scatter your roasted chopped hazelnuts, 10 gr, all over your 2 plates. Arrange your mandarin segments, on the outskirts of each plate, 1 mandarin per plate, see photo above.

Finally, make your dressing. Take a medium bowl & add all ingredients for the dressing. Mix with a mixer until it is all emulsified. Mix well with a spoon & taste. Your dressing has to taste a bit sweet because of the fresh mandarins & a bit tangy because of the white wine vinegar & a bit peppery too! It will look something like this:

Vegetarian Mandarin Salad with mandarin dressing!!!

5 minutes before serving, drizzle some of your tasty dressing all over each plate, also over the cheese. Let it sit for 5 minutes to let the flavours mingle. Enjoy with a loved one! This is so delicious & filling too! Perfect!


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Vegetarian Mandarin Salad with mandarin dressing!!!

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