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Vegas Wedding!

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Although we’ve fallen madly in love with several pieces of jewelry and watches at the Las Vegas show, we’re not headed to the chapel. Not that this would be a bad city to get carried away & married in – it’s the wedding capital of the world after all! And given that it’s Wedding Wednesday and we’re in Vegas, along with the rest of the jewelry world, we figured we’d put on some Elvis, rent a cheap veil, and run off to the chapel with this fabulous Vegas Wedding infographic. We had no idea that Clark Cable’s wife was so sneaky. Or the real reason LV wants all divorces filed in person in the city of sin. But mostly, we had no clue that a Vegas wedding isn’t always a tequila-fueled whim. For every weird nuptial proclivity that exists, Vegas has the perfectly themed wedding to go along with it. They’re serious about the perfect match in that respect. But thanks to Vegas luxury hotels, private clubs and unlimited venues, a Vegas wedding can be customized to any level of fabulousness you can imagine. So swing by the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry and Watch Show, grab a pair of wedding bands, and run off into the sunset!

Las Vegas Wedding Capital of the World Sin City Playground and Wedding Capital of the World infographic

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