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Various Types of Gates To Go With Fences

Posted on the 12 February 2016 by Amelia White
Various Types of Gates To Go With FencesNowadays, most modern homes in the metropolitan area of Perth feature different types of fences, some of them complementing the landscape of the property they are on, others enhancing the privacy and security of a residence, and so on. However, not many people recognize the fact the amount of safety offered by a fence can be doubled with the incorporation of a gate. Not only would the combination impart value to a home, but also enhance its aesthetic appeal. In fact, many builders are of the opinion that fencing and gates in Perth should be installed together.Let’s have a look at the three primary types of gates that go with fences in Perth:
Swing Gates
These are probably the most common gates that people of Australia use when installing fences. They have either a single or double door construction, and can open inwards as well as outwards. And one of the biggest plus points of these gates is that they can be attached with any type of fencing. Besides that, they are very affordable and easy to install.
Rolling and Cantilever Gates
In case a house with fences installed around its perimeter has limited space or high traffic near the entrance, then it would be better to have something that can slide open, instead of a swing gate. And there are two types of gates which provide for the requirement - rolling and cantilever. The former opens by sliding upon a V-shaped track embedded within the driveway and occupy very less space. The latter option, on the other hand opens by sliding on a specially designed counterbalance system. They are ideal for homes experiencing frequent ice or snow. 
Automated Gates
These options were once were considered to pose a risk of entrapment, especially for kids and pets. But now, they are regarded as one of the safest security options to go with fences for residential structures. They can automatically detect the presence of obstruction and reverse themselves in order to keep from opening upon impact. They can be equipped with either a telephone entry pad, radio control or card reader, whatever that a homeowner deems suitable and convenient.
In order to up the security of homes, it is important to have gates installed along with fences. However, one must also make sure that they are set up by an efficient and reliable contractor in Perth. There may be plenty of service providers on the market, but not all of them provide good quality work. So remember to ask some important questions when choosing a fencing and gating contractor in Perth

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