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Vampire Diaries...the Race for the Cure Continues

Posted on the 29 March 2013 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
Vampire Diaries...the Race for the Cure continues
The answer to Thursday's Trivia Question: Dule Hill played Charlie Young on The West Wing

FIRST FIVES:  Lou Rossi, Neil Moffatt, Bill McLaughlin, He Who Shall Not Be Named & Monica Caraffa Honorable Mention:Mary Ryan

Wednesday's Broadcast Top 5 American Idol-3.2/12.3
Modern Family-ABC 3.2/9.0
Survivor-CBS 2.5/9.4
Suburgatory-ABC 1.9/5.3
The Middle-1.8/6.9

Wednesday's Broadcast Trendrr Top 5 American Idol-FOX 279,133

Law & Order SVU-NBC 56,924
Supernatural-CW 54,342
Modern Family-ABC 49,601
Survivor-CBS 47,976 Wednesday's Cable Top 5 Duck Dynasty-A&E 3.7/8.5 (CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?)
Duck Dynasty-A&E 2.2/5.2
NBA-ESPN 1.7/3.9
Duck Dynasty-A&E 1.5/3.9
The Big Bang Theory-TBS 1.5/3.2 Wednesday's Cable Trendrr Top 5 NBA Basketball-ESPN 936,950 Duck Dynasty-A&E 210,719 Psych-USA 166,154 NBA Basketball-ESPN 56,761 The Real World-MTV 16,707 Late Night Ratings for the week of 3/18/13-3/22/13 Leno .8/3.5
Letterman .7/3.0
Kimmel .7/2.6 Fallon .5/1.6 Nightline .4/1.4 Ferguson .4/1.4
The Daily Show .4/.8 Carson .3/.8 Conan .3.7 Colbert .3/.6
Early Morning Ratings for the week of 3/18/13-3/22/13 GMA-1.6/1.9 Today Show-1.6/1.9 CBS This Morning-.9/1.0
The Vampire Diaries 
I'm totally pissed off at Katherine Pierce...how dare she throw the gorgeous face of Damon Salvatore into a fishtank filled with Vervain.  NOT COOL Katherine! Even if Damon will heal quickly, it doesn't matter.  Any seconds of screen time where Damon's face is disfigured isn't fair for all of us who wait all week for precious moments of Somerhalder. Okay...enough of that... Still no real Silas, he's still using other people's bods to mess with them.  This week he took Caroline's when he went to check on Klaus who was still struggling with being stabbed with white oak.  The thing was, he really wasn't stabbed at all. It was just Silas messing with his mind.  The remedy? Some real Caroline seemed to do the trick after she went digging into his back looking for white oak shrapnel.  Didn't matter that she didn't find anything, she had a good time messing with him.  Rebecca and Yucky Elena found Katherine in some small town where she has already compelled everyone to protect her secret.  The biggest surprise for me was that Katherine's been doing Elijah and he actually seemed to have feelings for her.  Didn't last long once he met up with Elena and she told him how Katherine killed her bro.  Elijah def didn't like that at all.  Elena thought she could fool Elijah by wearing Katherine's stuff, but I think she was just scamming her cool jacket and shoes. The second Elijah kissed Elena he knew she wasn't Katherine.  I had hopes that this ridiculous Race for the Cure would end last night with Rebecca taking it and regaining her human form, but Katherine scammed her and then gave it to Elijah who thought it needed to be dealt with back in Mystic Falls, because everything has to happen in Mystic Falls AND it's Prom!  Elena gave her boys an ultimatum...give up on giving her the cure or she's going to continue to kill random people until they do. I wonder who Elena's going to take to Prom? Race to the Cure continues next week and I'm guessing...all the way to the finale. Maybe someone will take it and she will be Ted's baby Mama.  

My FBFF, Jimmy Fallon along with some friends have a great Easter gift for you all, check it out: (Name all the chickens for a secret 5 point bonus) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMC7DpjXJC0

-Worst kept secret ever...First there was FX, and then FXM and now FXX the new FX Network for Young Adults will launch on 9/2/13 (2 days before my birthday!) This FX net will be available in 74 million homes at launch.  FXX will be the place to go to find It's Always Sunny, The League and Legit and more original comedies and movies all geared towards the 18-34 year old.  FX will still be skewed to A18-49 and offer comedies, drama's and movies and some limited series and miniseries.  FXM will continue to be a destination for prestige movies and short form originals. (Does anyone have this one? I don't)  All I care about is making sure I know where to find Sons of Anarchy and The Americans. Pretty sure they're staying on FX so my Tivo won't get screwed up.  -The Game's season 6 premiere on Tuesday night delivered 2.5 million viewers for BET in primetime and then an added another 1.5 million viewers during the encore at 11:30 making a grand total of 4.0 A18-49 viewers.  -Well, 1 down, 2 to go, Simon.  Demi Lovato is coming back to X Factor next season so I guess that's good news.  Now who to get to fill LA and Britney's chair?  Maybe go back to just 3 judges? I know, get Miranda Lambert so that she and Blake can have some fun judge talk over beers and BBQ.  Or maybe Justin Timberlake since he's in talks to land on the moon next. I don't even care anymore, do you guys? The Voice rules and it's the only singing competition I'm going to watch. I'm drawing a line in the sand and I'm sticking to it.  -The Duck Dynasty guys are holding themselves hostage at the moment.  They want a raise and they want a big one.  From the huge numbers noted above, I can see why they're going for it and good for them for striking while the iron's hot.  I tried to watch this one, remember? I hated it but I guess I'm not the audience.  It'll be interesting to see what they end up getting.  They want 200K an episode...each.  -I'm so not a news person, but when I did watch the news, I was a loyal ABC news person.  So while I won't be watching one of my all time favorite news dudes, Chris Cuomo, I am really happy that he'll be back in mornings for CNN.  Chris's partner is some chick named Kate Bolduan.  I checked her out. She's cute, but not my type.  -I guess Barbara Walters just can't take it anymore.  The Chicken Pox just kicked her butt, then Joy Behar, then the Elizabeth rumors.  I'd bow out at this point too.  Barbara's 83 years old. TIme to sleep in, travel just for fun and maybe meet some old dude and chill for a while. It's time Babs...go enjoy yourself.   -After 25 seasons, America's Most Wanted is cancelled again.  First FOX cancelled the show in 2011 and then Lifetime picked it up.  I guess it's finally time to pull the plug for good this time. Friday's Trivia Question: On Sunday, Game of Thrones finally returns.(Yeah, I can't wait) Since today is the last day of the March Trivia contest, how about a super hard, mega point bonus.  NO GOOGLING...name as many of the Houses of Westeros as you can.  They will be worth 5 points each.  There are 9 so if you know them all...45 points (Pretty good at math huh?) Have a great weekend!  LIKE WATCHING WAY TOO MUCH ON FACEBOOK-more witty commentary throughout the weekend! WWTM-Kristy

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