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Don't Get Too Excited...I'm Not Back Full Time...But the Jets REALLY Stunk and I Had Some Time to Kill

Posted on the 26 September 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
Hi Guys!
There really wasn't a GOOD time to end the blog.  I could have waited until Big Brother ended or for the Emmy's or until after all the new Fall shows premiered. I probably could have found a reason to keep prolonging the end until Christmas or New Years or the blog's 7 year anniversary in February. That' why I pulled the plug so abruptly. No slow build up, not countdown, no big sendoff... just done. Of course now...I have so much to say and share and that I figured I'd just vomit it all out to give my brain a break and make some room to remember my keys and pick up Cetaphil on the way home from the office. I'm not sure how often I'll need to make brain space. It definitely won't be every day or even every week. When the feeling hits, this will be the result. I hope you're all still interested when I get the urge. Anyway, here's everything I need to get off my chest and out of my head. 
Big Brother
Paul's an idiot. He got cocky, thought he could (and would) beat anyone and chose to go to the final two against Snoutlet Nicole instead of James. As much as I wanted James to win, his game wasn't great and Paul would have probably beaten him unanimously. As all of us BB fans now know, Paul made a $450K mistake. Did you see his face when Snoutlet Nicole won the money? He was SHOCKED! I hope he went home, shaved that beard and smacked himself REALLY hard in the face. 
Ray Donovan
A bit of a boring season finale. Just happy that Javy's okay. Sort of lame that Abby's cancer miraculously disappeared and that nothing really happened with Connor and the gun or Bridget or even Mickey. I don't know...a bit disappointing overall really.
This is Us 
Okay, please tell me you guys watched and LOVED this show. It started off with an awesome Milo Ventimiglia butt shot and just got better and better and ended with one of the best twists I can remember. No way anybody saw THAT coming. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone who hasn't watched yet, so I won't talk about the twist in detail. If you did watch it please tell me you loved it as much as I did!!!
The Good Place
Okay...I've had a Kristen Bell/Dax Shepherd crush for a while. I don't know when it started really.  I've never watched Veronica Mars or House of Lies and I haven't seen Bad Moms. Of course I saw Frozen but that wasn't it. I love Dax on Howard, I love that Dax is in love with Brad Pitt, and I love Dax and Kristen's Samsung commercials, but I think, the true crushing may have started when I saw this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgL3puDfuRg  Because of the crush, I tuned in to Kristen's new show on NBC, The Good Place, and I realllllly liked it. I'm not sure it can go on forever and ever but she's so damn cute and funny that I'm going to ride it out as long as I can. 
Speaking of Brad Pitt...are you guys as obsessed with Brad and Angelina's divorce as I am? Why are we all so obsessed? I'll tell you why...because they're both two of the hottest humans on the planet. She's nuts, he's a stoner, they lead a pretty interesting life and have all those kids and all that money and Brad's look-a-like daughter wants to be his look-a-like son. I have a theory as to what the real problem is: Brad's pissed, really pissed, that he can never tap that wife of his because all those kids probably sleep in that custom giant bed they had built for the family.  I get it, Brad, I really do. It's toooo much. Too many kids, too many issues, too many frequent flyer miles, too much. No way Clooney says come to the lake and bring your 6 kids. No way! Brad's bummin, but mark my words, he'll be partying with Amal and George in Italy very soon and that will REALLY piss Angie off!
We love baseball in our house. I know this is a controversial statement, but I would say we love it more than any other sport. Yes...even more than football. So we were really looking forward to FOX's baseball drama, Pitch and to be honest, I am reallly rooting for Mark Consuelos. I feel like he lives in Kelly's shadow and needs something big.  This show's good enough to give him that, but nobody watched the premiere. It's good guys...check it out, give it a chance. Major League Baseball's in on it. There's real uniforms, scores, announcers and more. It's the story of the first female MLB player, Ginny Baker. Hoping you guys give this one a chance. It
Married At First Sight: NICK is a dick...that's all I really have to say.
The Goldbergs
Breakfast Club tribute episode was awesome. One thing though...I thought Erica was a senior last year. They kept talking about college and where she was going to go and now, this year...she's still a senior. Did I imagine that? Could SWEAR she was a senior, but maybe I'm crazy. 
Apparently, Garry Shandling's last wish was for the Larry Sanders Show to be available on HBO for everyone to check out. Now...it is. If you've never seen the show, it should definitely be added to your binge list. I think I need to add it to the WWTM one too. Of course I've seen um all, but I may need to rewatch them when I have the time. A true game changer.
Margot Robbie will host the SNL Season Premiere. Why?
Happy for Dice...Showtime renewed his show for a second season. 
FX gave 2nd season renewels to Better Things (which I love) and Atlanta (which I don't)
Did you see Between 2 Ferns with Hillary Clinton? If not...you need to:
Samantha Bee is getting better and better. Did you see last week's episode? 
James Corden's must see clips:
Jimmy Kimmel's must see clips:
Notice how there aren't any Fallon must see clips???
Stephen Colbert had Bruce Springsteen on last Friday night. It was one of the best interviews with Bruce I've ever seen. If you're a Bruce fan, you NEED to watch 
Okay...that's all I got for now...
I feel better and lighter and at this point I'm pretty confident that I'll know why I stopped at CVS on my way home from work.

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