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13 Reasons Why...Do You Need Some Help Here?

Posted on the 28 April 2017 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
Hiiiiiii Guys!!!
How have you all been?
It's been 6 months since my last post...NO...I'm not back for good. I'm actually still enjoying my blog free life, but with so many people reaching out to get my opinion on the Netflix teen drama, 13 Reasons Why, I thought it was probably a good time to come out of retirement...for a minute! 
Did I watch? OF COURSE I WATCHED. I devoured the entire series in a weekend!
Was it good? YES it was very good.

Was it upsetting and disturbing...yes, but there are a LOT of other shows that I've watched that are way more upsetting and way more disturbing!
Should you watch it...YES! Especially if you are a parent.
What if I don't have kids? I'd still recommend it!
Should your kids watch it?
Here's where things get complicated...
Let's just take a step back for a minute...In case you've been living under a rock or just busy trying to learn Snapchat or figure out the words to the new Bieber/Khaled tune, maybe I should quickly explain the premise of this show:
The entire premise focus's on a pretty high school girl named Hannah Baker who has committed suicide. She's left 13 cassette tapes to be passed among all of the people who have contributed to her decision.
The show's really good. High school isn't easy for anyone. Well...maybe for some, but for most of us normal people who were just trying to figure it all out, it wasn't easy. I thought Hannah's story was very real and very compelling and just goes to prove that most of the time, what we see on the outside, what we judge, what we choose to believe, isn't always the truth.
When I finished watching the show, I texted my son, some of his friends and my teenage nieces (not sure I texted my nephew now that I think about it) to see if they had all watched it. My immediate reaction was that EVERY teenager should watch and EVERY parent of a teenager should watch.  As the show went viral and more and more people devoured it, schools got involved and sent out emails and phone recordings alerting parents about how this show glorifies suicide. I didn't think so at all. I think it was a very good depiction of how horrible suicide is, how it affects everyone left behind and what it really looks like.
There is one scene, THE scene, where Hannah gets in a bathtub in her parents home and slits her wrists with a razor blade. It was horrifying and disturbing and I can't imagine anyone not being moved to tears when her parents find her.
I think for me, what was most disturbing was how I felt her parents provided a loving home for Hannah and still had no idea what was really going on with their daughter. This was scary. I talk to my kid...A LOT! Probably too much. I THINK I know him. I THINK I know what's going on with him and this show made me feel uneasy. Do I REALLY know?
We all remember some story, or rumor about someone we went to high school with that defined them for their entire high school career. The slut, the gambler, the jock on juice, whatever...we all believed the rumor, but had no real proof of anything and that was that for 4 years. This show really shows what those kinds of rumors can do to anyone, especially in a social media world. There's a ripple effect. If one person watches this show and realizes how damaging their actions can be and changes their own behavior, I consider it a win. If there is someone out there who really thinks suicide is an option to ease their pain, I think watching this show could help...I really do.
As a Mom, I want my son, my nieces, my son's friends, other parents and educators to all watch this show. Yes it's uncomfortable, but it's important too. Would I recommend a 6th grader watch? Depends on the 6th grader. You know your kid...you know what they've already been watching and seeing...you should know what they can and cannot handle. Don't shy away from this opportunity to at least have the conversation.
Watch...let me know what you think.
Miss You Guys
Hope this helps...
Still WWTM...Kristy

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