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Values in Changing Times

Posted on the 25 December 2012 by Azharnadeem

valuesWith the passage of time it has been felt that there is a need to educate our youth regarding their moral values and norms. Pakistan is a country where people uphold values learnt at their feet of their grandparents, parents and teachers. We would rather die than part with our values. But today we are shedding off the values learnt in childhood for materialistic gains. We hardly remember them despite of following them.

However, we still find many people who are developing and maintaining divine values. The whole world today is in much turmoil and confusion. We have lost all faith in God and fight over petty matters, giving the ‘I’ utmost importance instead of ‘We’ for whose welfare we were taught to work for.

We had been believing in a joint family system for sticking together in joy and sorrow for ages. But today, we find nuclear families, members of which do not know who to turn to in adverse circumstances as well as with whom to celebrate good times. As children we were taught an important value called, ‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. But nowadays it has been found that this is only a phrase but no one follows it actually. However, today’s youngsters believe in burning the midnight oil and getting up late in the morning, due to which they miss enjoying the beautiful sunrise; they do not have any physical exercise. A dull and lazy attitude is the result of late rising.

Parents are the most respected and priceless gift from God to us but still we don’t realize their importance and neglect them by giving our preferences more priorities. We disrespect them and don’t obey them. However, since childhood we have been taught to obey our parents and have great respect for them.

 Our old values of thrift and shunning of material comforts are giving way to luxury and overspending. We have to educate our youth about values before they get lost in their quest for wealth and power. The onus is now on Educationists and Spiritualists to educate today’s generation about the ‘real’ wealth of our country. We must have great concern on educating the youth about their detoriated values because in changing time we will find people who are totally unfamiliar to their basic norms.

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