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Valentine’s Day Nails

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic

Hello pretties! Just here with a quick peak at my nails for Valentine’s Day. I posted a photo in my Instagram and I then got a lot of questions as to what I used… so, here we are.

I wasn’t blessed with strong beautiful nails so I have to fake them. I very rarely venture into the whole world of nail art either, but I thought that I’d add a sweet touch to my nails this year for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day nails

Valentine’s Day nails
I used Ulta3 nailpolish in ‘Fruit Tingle’, Sportsgirl’s ‘Bionic’, 1000Hours Nail Design Pen in black and Inglot’s Fast Drying Top Coat

Added two coats of the Fruit Tingle on my nails except my ring finger on my left hand. When dry added one layer of top coat.

On my ring finger I did two coats of the Bionic. When dry, using a bobby pin and Fruit Tingle I made two lines in a V-shape to make the heart. There will be a lot of nailpolish on the bobby pin when start the V-shape, so it’s heavier on the top instead of the bottom.

For a personal touch I put my dude’s name on my pinky finger nail using the 1000Hours Nail Design Pen. I had his initials at first but I changed my mind.
Once everything is dry, one layer of top coat and we’re done.

Valentine’s Day nails
Excuse the condition of my cuticles (I ran out of Lemony Flutter)

That’s my little Valentine’s Day nail design for this year. I hope everyone has a lovely day, regardless of if you have a Valentine or not.

Valentine’s Day nails

Valentine’s Day nails

What nail art did you do this year?

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