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DEAR FRIDAY: And Darling, I Will Be Loving You ’til We’re 70

By Reeseatomic @reeseatomic

Dear Joe
We’ve been living together as (unofficial) “husband and wife” for five weeks now, with zero internet and it’s been SO MUCH FUN! I love that we get to have sleepovers everyday, that I’m always in your face and you’re always in mine. I love that we cook together, discuss our day over dinner and spend our evenings watching The Simpsons. Life certainly doesn’t get any better than YOU!

Dear LC
Oh cat, you’re a real strange one. You’d think since it’s been five years since I adopted you, there would be a thing or two I would have learned by now. But just when I think I have you figured out, you do something completely new. (Sigh) I guess this is just one of those joys of having a pet. Thank you for making my life less boring.

Dear Andre
You’ve been one very happy little bird this week. Having all this freedom is overly exciting, isn’t it. Please stop overflying though. You really get me worried when you struggle to breathe after long flights around the house.

Dear Sydney Weather
It’s been… weird. Scorching hot days with ridiculously humidity and then thunderstorms, rain and sometimes hail at night. What is going on?! Is this really Summer?!

Dear Second Bedroom
Yes I know, it’s been five weeks and I do attempt to make you more of a functioning office soon, as well as a music room for Joe. I just have to find the motivation.

Dear Motivation
Hey, it’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. Hope we can catch up soon.

Dear Frozen
Second to The Little Mermaid, of course!

Dear Sore Neck
Seriously. GIVE ME A BREAK! Not literally, but you know what I’m getting at. I can’t drive, I can’t sleep, I can’t even walk around without feeling absolutely crippled with pain. Just… knock it off! I have a life to live!

Dear Hair
I PROMISE I will get around to getting you cut soon. Urgh! I know, it’s getting a bit ridiculous now but it’s happening. I promise!

Hearing a Veronicas’ song on the TV…

Reese: “Urgh! This is song is so depressing!”

Joe: “Sounds a bit shit too.”

DEAR FRIDAY: And darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70

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