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Valentine's Day Heart Mobile

By The Dreams Weaver
As promised, here is an easy way to transform my Heart-Shaped Boxes that I posted earlier this week.  Great decoration for any of your Valentine's Day festivities. 
You can even use it as a "kissing mistletoe."Valentine's Day Heart Mobile~ The Dreams WeaverWhat you will need:
Heart-Shaped Boxes
Needle and thread (or fishing wire)
Thin straws
Clear tape or stapler
Valentine's Day Heart Mobile~ The Dreams WeaverFirst, thread your needle and thread through one of the straws. Leave the other side of the thread still attached to the spool.  This will be how we attach the hearts to the base of the mobile.
Valentine's Day Heart Mobile~ The Dreams WeaverNext, take the threaded needle that you just passed through the straw and poke it through the top of the heart.   Try to guide the needle through the heart and out the center bottom of the heart.  Knot off that end of the thread. {The other side of the thread should still be attached to the spool of thread.}
Valentine's Day Heart Mobile~ The Dreams WeaverAdjust the length of the first heart for the desired length by pulling the thread through the straw.  Then, cut the thread on the other side of the straw in order to thread the second heart, like in the above step.  Now you have two hearts that hang from either side of the straw.Valentine's Day Heart Mobile~ The Dreams WeaverContinue the above steps until you have the desired amount of hearts for your mobile.  I found that cutting some of the straws avoiding major tangling between the different hearts.  I also cut one straw really short to attach only one heart.Valentine's Day Heart Mobile~ The Dreams WeaverAttach all of the straws together and either glue, tape, or staple them in the center.  Whatever method you want to get them to stick together! I used a little bit of clear tape and a couple of staples. But if you want it to not be too noticeable, maybe even hot glue.Lastly, I used four straws that I threaded and attached to the base straw to create a pretty hanger for them.  Then just tie off the tops, leave some thread hanging to hang anywhere in your house.Valentine's Day Heart Mobile~ The Dreams Weaver
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