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Valentine Kitty

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro

Valentine Kitty Even his simplest of grids can helps students fill up an entire paper when drawing. In this case, just four equal sections (by dividing the paper in half each way) helped set up the basic shapes of this kitty. 1. Students draw a very light line down the middle of each paper both ways. A head is drawn in the top left section as shown.
2. A round body is added below.
3. Legs that curve back are drawn.
4. Arms that wrap around are added as shown.
5. A heart is drawn, behind the paws.
6. The tail is added.
7. Wings are drawn near the top of the body.
8. Details to the face are drawn, along with the clouds. 
9. All the pencil lines are traced with a crayon, and kitty stripes are added as desired.
10. Liquid watercolor paints are used to fill in the shapes.

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