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Vaccines: The Gray Area

By Zenparenting1 @ZenParenting1
"Black and white thinking comes with the assumption that we always know where to 'draw lines in the sand.' But the truth is we don’t. Sometimes new information and new experiences tell us we need to adjust those lines we draw. And without this open-mindedness, we will always be trapped within those same limitations." ~Steven Handel
My personal Facebook newsfeed is filled with two kinds of posts:
- vaccines are Satanic, evil, horrible inventions and should be avoided at all costs by all people
- vaccines are heaven-sent, miraculous, glorious inventions and should be mandatory for all people at all costs
Vaccines: The Gray AreaI'm here to tell you that it's not as black and white as all that. I know. Shocking. There is a gray area. A HUGE gray area.
Not all people who vaccinate are uneducated sheeple.
Not all people who do not vaccinate are uneducated sheeple.
I mean, that is the argument both sides use.
Not all people who selectively vaccinate or do so on a delayed schedule are uneducated and unnecessarily afraid.
So. Much. Gray.
There are pros and cons to every which way you go on this issue. There is no one right answer.
We don't vaccinate. Based on our circumstances and our research to this point, we've decided against it. We started off vaccinating selectively. We researched more and changed our minds. Should circumstances and research dictate, we're open to changing our minds again. And again and again, as changes arise.
I've yet to meet someone who chose not to vaccinate who could be called uneducated or under-researched. They may not have a PhD in epidemiology, but they usually have their noses stuck in several books from several sources making sure they're doing what's right for their family.
I have met many who choose to vaccinate who have never researched anything about vaccines. They just do it, because "that's what you do."
Certainly, the two aforementioned scenarios do not apply to everyone. I have no doubt there are those who do not vaccinate just because their friend told them once that they shouldn't and I know for sure there are those who do choose to vaccinate who have their noses in just as many books as their counterparts.
I grow weary of both sides spouting off about the other, like those who don't do as they do in this regard are just the biggest ignoramuses one could imagine. Why can't we all be open? Why can't we all open ourselves to the very real possibility that both sides have valid points? Most importantly, why can't we open ourselves and remain open to continued research and reflection and the possibility of changing our minds in either direction based on new information? Is that too scary?

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