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Vacation Spots Bahamas

By Raffeeq @vacationisles
Vacation Spots Bahamas For visitors who are new to the Bahamas, it is that stretch of islands that is north Cuba and south of Florida. There are over 700 islands and islets which make vacation spots in the Bahamas. These countries offer some of the most delightful experiences for visitors to enjoy sailing, fishing, scuba diving, great resorts and wonderful beaches. There many lovely destinations to choose from including New Providence Island, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island, Abaco Island, Acklins and Crooked Islands, The Bimini Island and Andos Bahamas. These locations come together to form one of the top island hopping and water sports destinations in the Caribbean region. In addition, the islands have some of the clearest underwater visibility in the world.
The most populated location in the territory is New Providence. Nassau, which is the capital of the territory in located on New Providence.  This city still shows the remains of the colonial era with buildings dating back to that time along with some lovely modernly designed buildings as well. The capital also has lovely restaurants and excellent places to get memorabilia. When it comes to vacation spots at this destination, there are some wonderful options. Two of these include Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa and Offshore Island, and Compass Point Beach Resort Nassau.
Another interesting dimension to New Providence and particularly the capital of Nassau is it gives access by bridge to one of the leading vacation destination in the territory, Paradise Island.  This island is the centerpiece of vacation spots in the Bahamas. Most of the territory’s luxury hotels and resorts are located in Paradise Island. The famous Atlantis water park is located here and is one of the largest attractions of its kind in the Caribbean. This is a Bahamas vacation spot that must be visited. Three of the top resorts include The Sunrise Beach Club, One and Only Ocean Club and Atlantis Coral Tours. Paradise Island has possibly the best underwater visibility in the world with depths of up to eighty feet and is a great place to snorkel and scuba dive.
Grand Bahama is another good destination in the territory. It has the second largest population in the territory. This is a wonderful destination for scuba diving and other water sports activities. In addition, there are long stretches of lovely beaches to enjoy. The Castaways Resort and Suites is one of the loveliest locations to stay. For visitors to Bahamas looking for fine sailing options the Abaco Islands provides great experiences. There are many lovely resorts to stay and lovely white sandy beaches to relax on at Abaco. The largest island in the territory is Andros Bahamas. It has one of the smallest populations in the territory, but world third largest barrier reef.  Finally, the islands of Bimini are the closest destinations to the Florida. Bimini holds the distinction of being the game fish capital of the world. Additionally, there are great scuba diving opportunities here as well.   
With over 700 islands and 2500 islets to explore the vacation spots in Bahamas are great places to enjoy. The territory provides great opportunities for visitors to participate in sailing, races, and regattas throughout the year. Andos Bahamas is one of the top sailing destinations in the world. It offers lovely option to scuba dive and fishing. Moreover, the islands of Bimini have allowed many visitors to set great fishing records with the opportunity it provides for sports fishing. Also, the Bahamas underwater attractions show the rich colonial exploits of the past with many shipwrecks which has turned homes to the lovely species of underwater marine life. Vacation spots in the Bahamas are rich in water attractions, lovely sailing adventures, exciting fishing competitions, great places to scuba dive and snorkel, and some wonderful resorts and hotels that will ensure you enjoy all the islands have to offer.

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