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Vacation Ideas for a Lifetime

By Allthingssixx @allthingssixx
The character Maxine from The Namesake was not incorrect in noting  We Indians are not very comfortable with the idea of vacations.
Unlike people from other countries, the idea of getting away from it all for three weeks every year is still in infancy, and only some of us are able to make it, for barely a few days.
From the plethora of options available today, I guess each of us struggle to finds a perfect fit in terms of accessibility, budget, and count of days. And tends to go to similar places, again and again.
I am sharing this list of different kind of vacations one must take in the course of ones life. Enjoy!
Yours could be different, longer, shorter, or (if God has made me like you) same.
    Vacation Ideas for a Lifetime
  • The hills where you can go experience nature in the mornings, devour your books in the day, and engage in bonfire with music kind of pleasure towards the evening.
  • The beach is one place where no one and no thing matters, and everyone just chills, every moment each day.
  • A religious place when you wish to connect with the higher realms of self.  
  • One city of historic importance to let the culture sink in. My take is to choose a place you have read the most about.
  • A wildlife safari will tell you, finally, for once and for all, whether or not, you are an animals' person.
  • The desert to understand your strengths against nature, to breathe in vastness.

Do share your dream vacations with me. I will look forward to your list in the comments section.

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