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Utah Stereotypes

By Mikidemann @mikidemann

Utah Stereotypes

(via) Do you ever get annoyed about the reputation of your state? Maybe that is a silly thing to get annoyed about, but every now and again it bugs me. I live in Utah. I like about 20 minutes outside of Salt Lake City. The main stereotypes that I hear are.
Everyone lives for the “World’s Greatest Snow”!
NOT TRUE! I do love living in Utah, but I do not like to Ski or Snowboard. I feel like I’ve heard this from people who live on the beach, not everyone who lives on the beach is a beach bum, just like I’m not a snow bum. I would prefer to stay inside even on the best powder days!
Everyone here is Mormon.
While, if you’ve ever lived in Utah then you most likely have a connection to the Mormon (LDS) church, that doesn’t mean every Utahan is Mormon. All that means is that Utah has a long standing connection with the Mormon church. Who cares, though? Respect Mormons and non-Mormons just the same.
Polygamy and Young Marriages.
I’ve lived in Utah for my whole life and have never actually met a Polygamist family. That must show you that polygamist families aren’t that common, in fact, they are very rare. As for young marriages, I do think marriage takes place at a younger agree here, but that also rolls into the idea that everyone is Mormon.
Utah has really terrible drivers.
I’m sure each state has their fair share of bad drivers. I haven’t lived outside of Utah, but I have driven outside of Utah a lot. I haven’t ever noticed that Utah drivers are worse than Arizona, California and especially Mexico :)
Let’s start stereotyping Utah as one of the most beautiful outdoors that exists? Eh, eh, eh? Or how about how my husband is a medical recruiter and he has never once had a job in Utah, because so many doctors wants to work here so badly, that Utah never need temp doctors to fill positions. How about our incredible medical schools and research colleges? Instead of mormons and bad drivers.
Do you ever get sick of stereotypes about your state?

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