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What's Your GO TO?

By Mikidemann @mikidemann

What's your GO TO?

Do you ever wonder what your good at? I feel like everyone I meet has their thing, the one thing knows, “oh you have to talk to so and so if you’re looking for this.”
For example…
My brother, Brennon, is a computer genius. Every one of our friend and family knows that if you need coding, website, or tech support that Brennon is your GO TO guy.
My mom, she knows everything skin related. She can tell you what make up will work well, where to buy anything in the cosmetic industry and she’s and esthetician so any type of peels or skin treatments you need, she is your GO TO girl.
Jared, in my eyes knows everything. He’s my GO TO for any support, but I think the rest of the world thinks of Jared as a business man. He’s had a lot of business adventures and knows a lot of industries well, so if you’re thinking about bouncing ideas off someone GO TO Jared.
Ellen, my bestie, she knows everything you need to know about your body. She is an enthusiastic work out junkie, plus she just graduated nursing school, so she’s incredibly intelligent and if you ask her any questions about muscle injuries, she is your GO TO girl.
You probably get my point right? Well what’s my GO TO, when do people say, you have to GO TO Miki? I have no idea. I was training to brainstorm what my thing is. Like in “Easy A” the identifier for Emma Stone’s best friend was BT (big tits)… kind of the same point, kind of not.
Maybe it’s
“You just got a puppy?? You have to GO TO Miki, she’s a dog-know-it-all!” Even though, Indie still jumps on everyone and Shia sneezes on you to wake you up at night.
hmm. I don’t know.
What do you think you are the GO TO person for?

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