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Using The 4 C’s To Your Advantage

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

I talk a lot about the 4 C’s round these parts. And it’s for good reason: they’re the foundation for your diamond knowledge. And in order to get a good diamond, you need to be able to recognize a good diamond. Not just a big one, not just the most expensive one, but a truly beautiful diamond. And you’d probably like to get a good deal on it too, if you’re human. That’s where the 4 C’s come in. They are the way a diamond is graded, and this assures you that you’re getting what you’re paying for. As I’ve said before, the best deal on a round brilliant diamond is a Near colorless stone, with a VS1 or VS2 clarity grade, just a few points shy of the next per/carat price jump, with the best cut you can afford (don’t skimp.) But those each deserve their own post – which I’ve linked to if you need to bone up on your 4 C’s in-depth knowledge. For those just starting out, we can begin with my favorite e-flashcard, the info graphic.

Diamond 4CsShopping for diamonds can be challenging, but it’s an interesting process, and one that most shoppers want to thoroughly understand, especially considering the investment they’re making. Once you know your 4 c’s you can choose the ideal combination of them to suit your budget and taste. The best place to start your search – or even finish it – is online. Start browsing Pinterest, or your favorite jewelers’ Facebook pages. If they have an online showroom you can easily get a feel for their prices too.Once you know which styles you like and what you’re comfortable spending, you can hopefully visit the jeweler you’ve been stalking online to check things out in person. If you fell in love with a ring a few states away, don’t fret. First, check out the jeweler by using my favorite online shopping acronym:
  • Longevity: Decades of happy customers don’t lie.
  • Open Communication: Do they call you back? Facebook you? Text you? Direct message you videos of rings on Instagram when you request?
  • Verifiable: Do they have Yelp & eBay reviews? Will they show you proof of a diamond’s certification?
  • Easy Returns: Clearly stated, black and white, simple for you in case you don’t like the ring. Easy exchanges too if you want to try option B.

Once you’re satisfied this is an honorable operation, you’re ready to call, message, or e-mail them to ask specific questions about the ring(s) in question. They can send you additional pictures (like on the hand, or in natural light, a close up of the prongs, etc.) and videos to give you a better feel. Finally, if you feel you’re ready to take the plunge, they’ll likely have you put a deposit on your credit card and wire the remainder of the money directly, if your ring total is more than $10,000. If you’re under that you should be able to pay entirely by card. And if there’s no location for that jeweler in your state, you aren’t paying tax either! If, however, you need financing, your best option is to visit the actual jeweler (in some cases you legally have to do it in person.)

So if you ultimately decide to shop in-store, bookmark this page, or any of the other one’s I linked to. Or you can take a screenshot with your smartphone, and have the 4 c’s in your back pocket once you step foot into the store, and you’ll already be one step closer to the perfect diamond.

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