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Using a Mouse on the Nexus 7.

Posted on the 29 March 2013 by Andrew Monks @mramonks

Using a mouse on the Nexus 7.This isn't going to be a big post or ground breaking, but I just wanted to talk and show you a cool little feature that I wasn't aware of until recently. Having written a review on the  IVSO Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Nexus 7 last month. I found that for me the one problem I was left with to make it into an android laptop was the lack of a mouse. 

Using a mouse on the Nexus 7.

           Micro-B Usb Otg

Initially I bought the OTG USB cable to allow my Nexus 7 to use jota USB stick as extra memory and for file moving. Then one day whilst having my nexus in the dock  next to my PC I though what else can I plug in. Which led me to plug the mouse and to my astonishment it worked perfectly. Now having discovered this, then actually Googling it, I discovered I was nowhere near the first to find it out.    None the less  I found it useful to know. The mouse was the last piece to my puzzle. 

I made a short video just to show how useful this can be.

For anybody that is interested about getting one of these little gems I'll leave a link to it here.

Enjoy and please share.

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