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Motivation Kickstarter Day 11: Something I Think "What If" About

By Zenparenting1 @ZenParenting1
As part of my quest to find my motivation, I've accepted the 30 Day Writing Challenge.  Each post will be added to the main post HERE

Something I Think "What If" About

I have been thinking about this topic since last night and have come to the conclusion that I simply don't think "what if..." about anything.  It seems fairly pointless to me to do so.  I'm entirely too pragmatic to spend time on this thought.  I mean, I'd much rather focus on the "what is" than the "what ifs" in my life.  

Motivation Kickstarter Something Think
I could wax on about the things I would change in my past or the things I wish had turned out different (and there are those things), but the reality is that this is where I am now and those are the things that happened.  That doesn't mean I don't have feelings (sometimes very strong feelings) about those happenings, but that I accept them all as reality, good, bad, or ugly.  And it's in the acceptance, I believe, that we can heal.

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