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  • Magical Grandpa

    This post is dedicated to my Grandpa who went with Santa Claus a few days back. Although he was not the story telling kind, he was the one who gave me the treasure of books. The abundance of books that he had given me in my childhood has developed my imagination, resulting in all these stories. Everything I am today is because of his subtle influence in my life. He shall always be remembered through my stories.

  • Y for Yacht

    Her dad had taught her how to sail on a yacht, after she got one as a birthday gift on her 13th birthday. Today, sailing out to the ocean on the yacht, she couldn’t help but think of her dad. If he was still alive, all this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe it would still have happened but she could have handled it better. Now, without him, here in the middle of the ocean, she felt all alone with the weight of the world on her shoulders.

    It was probably as soon as she got married that the troubles started. But the rose-tinted glasses of being newly married hid it all. Ryan never liked the success that her father had achieved. Maybe he was jealous, maybe he thought he couldn’t provide her the same as what her father could do for her, or maybe it was plain male ego. Whatever it was, there was always tension from him to her dad. Even when she insisted that they were very well off with him being a senior partner in his firm and her business booming the way it was, he still held a grudge. This was a cause of many arguments in those years.

    It all became a lost cause when Ryan lost his job due to some arguments with the partners. The grumpy Ryan became a sulky Ryan and it went downhill from there. Soon after that, her father passed away. If Ryan losing his job was a blow to her, this became the killing strike. Add to it the fact that Ryan did not even attend the memorial was the final nail in the coffin. She poured herself into her business and it boomed like never before. Her promoting a senior member of her team as a partner also did not sit well with Ryan. He had expected that she would make him the managing partner after he lost his job. Him knowing nothing about her business was not even a point to be considered. After that, he just stopped searching for a new job and instead found several ways to spend her money.

    That morning, he had said they should plan to conceive and she had told him to find a job first. Instead of getting into a fighting match like every time, she took off in the yacht.

    There was nothing left to live for her. Her business no longer interested her. All the conflicts in life was getting too much for her handle. She did not have anyone to share her troubles with or to help her deal with it. Waking up every day was starting to feel like a chore and the longing to sleep forever was getting to strong to ignore. Right now, only Ryan knew where she was and for all she knew, he wouldn’t care one bit if she didn’t return. The simple act of jumping into the water and letting herself go was very tempting to her after almost finishing an entire bottle of wine. “one last glass”, she thought “and then I wouldn’t feel anything”.

    Holding that glass of wine and sitting on the deck, she thought of her father. But this time, the more she thought, the more clearly the past came back to her. She was very small when her mother passed away. After that, her father had not married. She was the only focus for her dad. The money had come much later because of her dad’s tremendous hard work. Unlike what the world thought of her, she was not born into money but had seen how hard work and dedication could bring money. Before all the success, her dad had faced many failures. She had seen her dad cry helplessly. But in all those troubles, he had always told her, “Princess, when the storm hits, pull down the sails, but never let go of the helm. Crashing the ship is a cowardly way out. Wait for the rainbow after the storm. It will be worth it. Believe.” This was also one of the lesson he taught her while on the yacht.

    She woke up with a start. Her dad had come back with those last words to her. She was going to take the cowardly way out. She had much more to achieve, just like her father, and this was not the way to go.

    With a renewed hope, she sailed back home. She would divorce Ryan and focus on her business. Her business was her baby and she should never have even thought of abandoning it. There was so much more to do for her in life. She would move on. She is strong. After all, she was her daddy’s girl.