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    A personal lifestyle blog sharing inspirations and things I love. These include fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food finds as well as recipes, reviews and NYC events and dining & shopping experiences.


  • Face Mask Do's and Don'ts

    Face Mask Do's Don'ts

    At this point we're all probably suffering from some form of coronavirus pandemic fatigue. And while we may want to live as normally as possible, in this new... Read more

    Posted on 11 August 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Healthy Habits for Women

    Healthy Habits Women

    It’s no secret that our health should be our number one priority in life. So here are some simple tips that we can follow to maintain our overall wellness as... Read more

    Posted on 11 August 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Sézane Late Summer Arrivals

    Sézane Late Summer Arrivals

    Sézane's late summer arrivals recently hit the brand's website to complete their warm weather offerings. The fashionable latecomers include a range of... Read more

    Posted on 07 August 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Current Mood

    Current Mood

    Whew this summer is flying by...Reading...The Boyfriend ProjectI really enjoyed this book, a modern romance with some touches of mystery and action. The main... Read more

    Posted on 03 August 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Four Tips To Help You Get Into Shape

    Four Tips Help Into Shape

    Getting into shape is easier said than done. It only gets harder as you get older too and so it can be a challenge to keep it up, let alone make a visible... Read more

    Posted on 03 August 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Eye Candy : Park Bo Gum for Vogue

    Candy Park Vogue

    Park Bo Gum covers Vogue Korea’s 24th anniversary issue resplendently. And the accompanying pictorial photographed at Changdeokgung Palace is a visual feast. Read more

    Posted on 30 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • What To Know About Cutting Your Own Hair At Home

    What Know About Cutting Your Hair Home

    Mandatory shutdowns and stay at home orders during the pandemic have necessitated a new form of DIY beauty in the form of quarantine haircuts. Read more

    Posted on 27 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • I'd Wear That

    Wear That

    I've talked about my ideal summer style here before and it involves breezy stay cool styles that are both effortless and maintain a sense of modesty. Read more

    Posted on 23 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Currently Coveting

    Currently Coveting

    So I'm still committed to do better and be a better ally to the Black community. I will continue to educate myself and try to support and feature more Black... Read more

    Posted on 20 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Looking After Yourself In The Everyday Things

    Looking After Yourself Everyday Things

    Looking after yourself shouldn't  be something that you skip out on just because you don’t have time. You should be practicing self care in even the simplest,... Read more

    Posted on 20 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • MDSUN Collagen Lift

    MDSUN Collagen Lift

    As the most common and abundant form of protein in the body, collagen plays an important role as a structural component of skin. Read more

    Posted on 15 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Terrific Tactics To Calm An Anxious Mind

    Terrific Tactics Calm Anxious Mind

    Anxiety and fear are part of the human experience. This unfortunately means that we cannot rid ourselves of them altogether. However, when we experience too... Read more

    Posted on 15 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Real Life

    Real Life

    One of the biggest negatives about social media has to be oversharing and the need of some who seem to live their lives for it. You know the people who... Read more

    Posted on 10 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Sézane Summer 2020 Collection

    Sézane Summer 2020 Collection

    Even though I haven't been actively shopping I have still been paying attention to what my favorite brands are doing. It's a fun little diversion. Read more

    Posted on 07 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Current Mood

    Current Mood

    How is it July already?Reading...The Vanishing Half: A NovelOnce I picked up this riveting tale of race and identity, I didn't want to put it down and ended up... Read more

    Posted on 02 July 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • A Personal Update

    Personal Update

    I'm aware that the blog has taken a bit of a different turn lately and I know it's gone down a path that is more serious than usual. Read more

    Posted on 29 June 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • Eye Candy : Ji Chang Wook for 1st Look

    Candy Chang Wook Look

    Ji Chang Wook's handsome visage is front and center as he embodies the "Forever Young" concept in this editorial for 1st Look magazine. Read more

    Posted on 25 June 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • On Principles


    If current events are any indication, principles matter now more than ever. If you live by a certain set of principles, they shouldn’t change just because... Read more

    Posted on 22 June 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • I'd Wear That

    Wear That

    I've admired the style of Julia Sarr-Jamois for awhile. The The British Vogue editor-at-large and I-D Senior fashion editor-at-large who is a street style... Read more

    Posted on 19 June 2020 LIFESTYLE
  • 3 Things To Consider If You Want To Start Your Own Blog

    Things Consider Want Start Your Blog

    It seems that almost everyone who has any kind of online presence also has a blog in one form or another. And in the digital world, a blog has been absolutely... Read more

    Posted on 19 June 2020 LIFESTYLE