• Love Knobby Knees

    i’m a tree climber/ photographer/ kitchen cabinet painter (and everything else painter, too)/ children’s clothing designer/ high five giver/ kite flyer/ recycler/ mountain hiker/ hot glue gun user/ snow ball thrower/ long distance backpacker (and short distance, too)/ verbal trapeze artist. i can also touch my toes.

    i recently started writing a blog in hopes of driving traffic to a non-profit fundraising endeavor i've taken on. i've pledged to raise $8,500 for an organization called Summit for Someone that supports outdoor adventure trips for underprivileged youth in order to build leadership and character skills. in exchange for reaching my goal, i will get to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, a dream of mine since i could find Africa on the map. however, since starting my blog, I've used it more to express inner feelings about suddenly losing my father in 2011, feelings I didn't know I was still holding on to, or needed to share, rather than my mountain trip. It's been one of the most healing tools i've found, and I didn't even know I needed it. I also occasionally post crafting projects, and will soon begin a farther outreach for my personal pledge goal for Summit for Someone. Having exposure on your site with such high traffic would be truly exceptional for me and my cause.

    My most note worthy post? "You're OK."