Professional author and Full Professor Emerita of Political Science. A conservative in the tradition of the Founding Fathers. Hobby: troll hunting



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    Conservatives in the undying tradition of America’s Founding Fathers, deeply concerned about the sorry state of our country and the ruinous path our government, political, and cultural elites have taken. Despite our very different backgrounds, we share a deep love for God and country. We work on this blog for no pay. Whatever ads you see here are inserted by our host, WordPress, from which Fellowship of the Minds derives not even a penny in revenue. We do this as a public service and a labor of love.

    We closely follow political, cultural, and economic news and commentaries on a daily basis. We believe that bloggers can and are making a difference. The new technology of the Internet has made us extremely well-informed about politics and what politicians are doing. No longer must we depend on the intermediaries of professional media or the supposed “expert” opinions of professional pundits. We believe that bloggers are the Paul Reveres of the 21st century who will save America.