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Hillary Clinton’s PARTIAL Health Record Released, 5 Days After 9/11 Collapse

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

5 days after a citizen’s shocking video showed Hillary Clinton wobbling, fainting and collapsing into a waiting van after she abruptly left a 9/11 memorial ceremony last Sunday, her personal physician Dr. Lisa Bardack finally released a 2-page letter on Hillary’s health.

We were told conflicting and ever-changing reasons for why Hillary left the 9/11 ceremony:

  1. First, that she was “overheated”.
  2. Then, after the citizen’s video surfaced, the story was changed to Hillary having pneumonia and dehydration. Hillary had concealed her pneumonia from her campaign, the media, and even Chelsea, her daughter, who found out only when Hillary was carted by the minivan to Chelsea’s apartment after her collapse.
  3. Yesterday, Bill Clinton said Hillary had a flu.

The last time Hillary’s health record was disclosed was in 2015, in the form of a 2-page letter from Dr. Bardack. Both the 2015 and yesterday’s letters are only partial glimpses of, not Hillary’s full medical records.

Lisa Bardack, 52, has been Hillary Clinton’s personal physician since 2001.  A New York University medical graduate, Bardack is the chair of internal medicine at CareMount Medical, a network of 400 physicians in New York State. Bardack usually works at CareMount Medical’s Mount Kisco campus, close to the Clintons’ home in Chappaqua.

Daily Mail reporter Francesca Chambers describes Dr. Bardack’s latest letter that “instead of ending speculation over her physical well-being, they contained a bombshell revelation that she had kept secret a condition so serious it led to surgery.

Here’s a summary of Chamblers’ account of what Dr. Bardack disclosed:

  • In January of this year, Hillary had a SECRET lengthy bout of sinus infection, for which she was given antibiotics and steroids, followed by a SECRET surgical procedure wherein a myringotomy tube was put into her left ear to drain fluid.
  • In March, Hillary had a SECRET follow-up CT scan of her brain and sinuses to assess for brain damage, which showed no abnormalities but a mild chronic sinus inflammation.
  • In September, Hillary had two SECRET visits to the doctor:
    • On Sept. 2, when she was diagnosed with a “low-grade fever, congestion, and fatigue” — which Hillary kept SECRET. Advised to rest, Hillary stayed away from campaigning for 2 days, after which she went to Ohio for a rally, in which she had a long coughing fit that she blamed on her being allergic to Trump.
    • A week later, on Sept. 9, wherein she was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia — which Hillary kept SECRET. That same evening, Hillary went to an LGBT for Hillary event in New York, wherein she called Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables”.
  • Hillary’s blood pressure is 100/70; pulse is 70.
  • Her cholesterol: 189 (LDL 103, HDL 56, tryglycerides 159).
  • In September, she had a “normal” mammogram and breast ultrasound”.
  • Her “medical conditions” are hypothyroidism and seasonal allergies.
  • Key details about Hillary’s health are missing, including her height and weight.
  • Clinton is in sound physical and mental health, but is on allergy, thyroid, and anti-coagulant prescription meds, including Coumadin, which Dr. Drew had questioned as being antiquated. For that, Dr. Drew was asked by CNN to retract his comments, and when he refused, his TV show on HLN was cancelled. (CNN is the parent network of HLN.)

Reporter Chambers concludes:

“Through the race Clinton has battled the perception that she’s not been fully honest with the American people.

The disclosure of another secret medical treatment will only fuel questions in Democratic circles about the impact on Clinton’s poll ratings for candor.

She had dismissed claims she had been unwell as conspiracy theories – but never told anyone she had been treated in January for an ear infection which involved the intervention with a drainage tube.

Clinton is largely viewed as untrustworthy by the voting public. She kept a private server in her home for four years as secretary of state that she housed her work-related emails against government guidance.

Her conduct was the subject of an FBI investigation that concluded this summer without criminal charges but had the bureau’s director scolding her as ‘extremely careless’ with classified information.

It took [Hillary] … six months to apologize for the server that her boss, President Barack Obama, didn’t know about.

A former adviser to President Obama, David Axelrod, blasted Clinton’ this week for an ‘unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems.'”

Below are screenshots of Dr. Bardack’s letter of September 14, 2016, followed by her earlier letter in 2015:

dr-bardack-letter1dr-bardack-letter22015 Bardack summary report on Hillary Clinton's health12015 Bardack summary report on Hillary Clintons health22015 Bardack summary report on Hillary Clinton's health3

Dr. Bardack does not say Hillary has Parkinson’s, but reportedly Hillary’s friends, the Secret Service, as well as multiple physicians (who have not treated Hillary) maintain she has advanced Parkinson’s disease — a serious and progressive (which means it doesn’t get better) neurological disease.

See also “New poll: 50% say Hillary lied about her health; 30% believe she’ll die in office”.


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