• History Lessons

    History Lessons

    I went for a walk in the woods by my sister’s house this morning. The sky was a bright, brittle white and the air crisp and cold. Read more

    Posted on 17 December 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • The Silent Companions by Laura Purcell

    Silent Companions Laura Purcell

    We recently started a staff book club at school, and I’ve enjoyed reading books for it that I either wouldn’t ordinarily have tried, or have been thinking... Read more

    Posted on 01 December 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Home Sweet Home

    Home Sweet

    For those of you who have been following me since I started blogging almost a decade ago now, you’ll know I don’t tend to stay put for very long. Read more

    Posted on 24 November 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Larchfield by Polly Clark

    Larchfield Polly Clark

    I was recommended this book by the lovely owner of the independent book shop in Grantown-on-Spey I visited on my recent holiday to Scotland. Read more

    Posted on 18 November 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition at Tate Britain

    Edward Burne-Jones Exhibition Tate Britain

    I’ve loved Edward Burne-Jones ever since I was a teenager and first became obsessed with the Victorians. The ochre-toned autumnal colour palette of his painting... Read more

    Posted on 10 November 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • After the Party by Cressida Connelly

    After Party Cressida Connelly

    A beautiful cover, a WW2 setting and a plot that includes the mention of a Mitford sister? Could a book be any more suited to me?, I thought, as I treated mysel... Read more

    Posted on 07 November 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Autumnal Aberdeenshire

    Autumnal Aberdeenshire

    After a quite stressful first half term back at school, made worse by the fact that I had to live out of a suitcase in my very kind sister in law’s spare room... Read more

    Posted on 02 November 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Literary Landscapes

    Literary Landscapes

    Normally when I am asked to take part in a blog tour, my instant response is ‘no’, largely because I am terrible at remembering when I am supposed to be doing... Read more

    Posted on 21 October 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Summer Reading

    Summer Reading

    The summer holidays are nearly at a close; I can’t quite believe it. It’s been a summer that should belong only to a distant, slightly hazy childhood memory,... Read more

    Posted on 21 August 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Venice


    School is finally out for summer and it should tell you something of the manic nature of summer term at school that I’m only just now getting around to writing... Read more

    Posted on 10 July 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock by Imogen Hermes Gowar

    Mermaid Hancock Imogen Hermes Gowar

    With its intriguing title and beautiful cover, I found myself drawn to this tale of an 18th century merchant the wrong side of fifty who finds himself in... Read more

    Posted on 16 June 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • May Madness


    May has been an exceptionally busy month here at Book Snob HQ. At the start of the month, I turned 32 in Cape Cod, where I went for a sadly all too flying... Read more

    Posted on 24 May 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

    Seven Deaths Evelyn Hardcastle Stuart Turton

    I love a good murder mystery, yet when my friend at university came rushing into our seminar brandishing a shiny new copy of The Seven Deaths of Evelyn... Read more

    Posted on 16 April 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Eltham Palace

    Eltham Palace

    Suburban London has a lot of hidden gems, thanks to the fact that most of it used to be countryside before the growth of the metropolis took hold and... Read more

    Posted on 10 April 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • The 39 Steps by John Buchan

    Steps John Buchan

    I’m having a bit of fun reading Victorian/Edwardian adventure stories at the moment, for a bit of light relief between the piles of academic tomes stacked up... Read more

    Posted on 12 March 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Sail Away

    Sail Away

    Despite being a useless sailor, I have always dreamed of lolling about on the sundeck of a cruise ship, dolphins arcing gracefully in the cornflower blue... Read more

    Posted on 10 February 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Things a Bright Girl Can Do by Sally Nicholls

    Things Bright Girl Sally Nicholls

    This month marks the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote in Britain (well, some women – you had to be over 30) and in order to celebrate I have bought a... Read more

    Posted on 03 February 2018 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Books of the Year 2017

    Books Year 2017

    I had a real bumper of a reading year in 2017; I read a whopping 78 books, far more than I’ve read in years, and across a wide range of subjects, periods and... Read more

    Posted on 31 December 2017 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

    Woman White Wilkie Collins

    It’s been a while since I read any sensation fiction, and as the weather started to turn increasingly wintry in the evenings over the past couple of weeks, I... Read more

    Posted on 17 December 2017 BOOKS, CULTURE
  • Question Time

    Question Time

    For those of you who don’t know (where have you been?!), Simon at Stuck in a Book and I have been doing a podcast called Tea or Books? Read more

    Posted on 09 December 2017 BOOKS, CULTURE