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User Profile on Facebook Photo Enlarged

Posted on the 18 April 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

User profile on Facebook Photo Enlarged Facebook quietly increasing segment photographs the user profile by increasing its size in the Timeline, and some people see this move as a response up on Google's move to update their social networking, Google +, which increases the size of images in the user profile so it looks like the features Timeline Facebook a few days ago. Steps secretly update, starting from a photograph 130 x 125 pixel resolution which is present in the Timeline Cover image of the user. This photo is actually a mini version of the user profile picture, and will display the corresponding menu if you click the image. Increase up to do is increase the size of the pixels to 166 x 160 pixels. This small increase is a step up in order to improve the user experience more friendly and more eye-catching. We think the reason Facebook minor update in secret to avoid the controversy that attended, but this increase was more towards the positive, but whether the increase in image resolution caused you to change your profile picture to look more fit? source regards, hpmurah2u latest info of mobile price and get your own mobile right now

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