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Useful Tips to Communicate with Autistic Kids

Posted on the 02 April 2014 by Health_news

Useful tips to communicate with autistic kids

Parents find very difficult to communicate with their autistic child. Most of the kids with autistic spectrum disorder face difficulty while interacting with others. They speak in some other way than only in words. These kids speak through their body language and their senses, because they are not familiar with the use of language. So it is necessary for parents to learn the technique to communicate with autistic kids and develop new methods of communication.

Here are some useful tips, which will help you while interacting with autistic kids

  • Observe the ways in which these kids communicate. Sometimes instead of saying, they cry or look at the object they want. Find out the purpose of their communication, so that you can help them to find out more ways to communicate.
  • Echolalia is the common thing in autistic children. Echolalia is nothing but a repetition of words said by others. So use proper sentences for them. For example, if you have asked “Do you want to play a game?” to your child and he repeats it. That means he is communicating his need of playing a game, so use model the sentence as “I want to play a game”.
  • Use fewer words in a sentence while talking to them. Ask questions with minimum words.Do not ask the same thing in a different way. For example, do not ask “How was your day at school” and then later ask “Did you enjoy in school today”. You are asking the same thing, but in a different way, which can be confusing to them. If they are trying to answer the first question, then they will get confused with the second one.
  • Different stages of communication are Own agenda stage, requester stage, early communicator stage and partner stage. Find out at what level your child is. Depending on  the  level, your child may need more or less time.
  • Use pictures while communicating. Play games with them. Encourage them to take initiative while playing a game. Use sign language which helps them to speak more words about what they need. For certain words, use some gestures. So that he will remember that and uses the same.
  • Find out the opportunity to increase his vocabulary and encourage them to communicate with others also. Encourage them to request for any object. So that they can point to objects which they need or hold your hand and ask for that object. Train them to make eye contact when they communicate.
  • Autistic kids are intelligent, only they lack in social skills and communication. When they learn more how to do these things, they will be less frustrated. In frustration, their behavior becomes very aggressive.

You can start with one exercise and make it successful, then move on to the next. Be patient while communicating and maintain an understanding attitude with an autistic child. Remember one thing that they need your support and love, which helps them to be happy. Your efforts will be surely fruitful, you just need to give them time.

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