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Use Video in Email to Push the Marketing Envelope

Posted on the 31 January 2013 by Marketingtango @marketingtango

Video in email — including the embedding of streaming content inside email body text — has transcended previous technical obstacles, and is now ready for marketing prime time, according to video experts at

Our previous post covers the benefits and business case for small-business video marketing, so we won’t rehash it here. But we will summarize why ReelSEO believes now — more than ever — video email deserves closer consideration:

  • Opportunity. Today, up to 85% of people can view video in email, glitch-free, including a large percentage of your current customer base.
  • Technology. Tools have come a long way and so has the email viewing experience. “Open” (non-proprietary) standards have helped developers overcome prior issues, and facilitate rapid advances in video/email integration.
  • Deliverability. Properly deployed, new technologies and techniques (like hosting files remotely) prevent video email from bogging down delivery and tripping spam filters.
  • Results. In one campaign, Costco Wholesale saw a 40% higher Average Order Value (using video email versus a linked landing-page video). By playing video within the body of an email, film distributor Sky generated over a million incremental views, extending the reach of a TV video trailer.

Creative Flexibility

Video email creates the same sense of engagement and excitement as on a website or landing page, while requiring just one click to deliver a brief but highly engaging presentation of:

  • Product announcements
  • Special offers and discounts
  • Customer testimonials
  • Company news
  • Webinar and event invitations
  • Executive communications

Remember that video email is a branded communication medium. So messaging and presentation must be appropriate and relevant to your audience. The email should also: add value to the viewing experience; help achieve campaign goals; align with brand voice and image; and follow best practices for production and deliverability.

First Sip the Soup

Before diving into video email, invest a little time in learning about different formats, so that when you and your marketing services provider or team convene, you won’t glaze over when alphabet-soup terms like HTML5, .GIF, .PNG come up.

Video email is here to stay, and it may just be the difference needed to push your marketing to a whole new level.

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