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Urban Barn Room Planner

By Salvagedspaces @salvagedspaces
Urban Barn Room PlannerOne of my favorite designers is Sarah Richardson, the beautiful Canadian designer who you can sometimes see on HGTV. She is a GENIUS! I have never seen something from her that I didn't like.
I could really spend several posts talking about how much I love her designs and approaches (and maybe I will later), but I want to focus on my first approach to room design. A digital room planner!
What does that have to do with Sarah Richardson?
Well, nothing really. But my favorite room planner just happens to be one made in Canada. So, in a way, I feel like I'm taking a necessary step to becoming Sarah Richardson.
Hah, that is a creepy thing to say for several reasons! But just humor me here.
I've looked at a few room designers online to play with the layout of our house (including playing a round of Sims 3!), and here's my favorite so far and why:
Urban Barn: The Make Room
You can start with an example design or by creating your own. The planner allows you to create one room first, and then add to the plan in the design.
Urban Barn Room Planner 2. CUSTOMIZE ROOM SHAPE
The room planner allows you to change size of walls, delete walls, and split walls!
Urban Barn Room Planner
Hundreds of furniture options for every type of room imaginable! It also allows you to change the size of the furniture to fit your dimensions. So fabulous!
Urban Barn Room Planner
Who has two green thumbs and a beautiful backyard?! Now I do! At least I will make you believe that. ;)
There are so many options to customize your yard. From trees to plants to grills and hoses!
Urban Barn Room Planner
Urban Barn allows you to export your design and share it with others. My mom is really the only one interested in getting email updates about our design plans, but I can see how this could be a really useful tool for people who are collaborating together on a design. Imagine trying to figure out a new office design and wanting to share it with your employees or co-workers. Or if you're a designer, this tool will allow you to share plans with clients before making any changes to the rooms.
They aren't paying me to love all over this room planner... I just felt the need to share this wonderful tool! It's so easy to use and I love the results I'm getting with this one. Do any of you know of other tools that can help with design? I'm sure there are a lot I haven't found yet!

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