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Updated Skin Care Routine!

By Maddie @maddiestweets
hey everyone!
so i did a skin care routine as one of the first posts i did on this blog, but since then i've added new products so i thought i'd do an updated skin care routine! i love these kinds of posts, because i love skin care products (well, all products) and they are good if you're thinking of trying some new products or starting a skin care routine!
i have normal/combination skin, my cheeks and forehead are normal but i get oil on my nose and especially inbetween my nose and the apples of my cheek, where my pores are biggest. i also get oil on my chin.
morning routing:-
updated skin care routine!
updated skin care routine!
i do my morning routine when i'm in the shower because it's easier! i basically get some warm water on my face, and i scrub with the clean and clear blackhead clearing daily scrub. i've used this for ages now and i absolutely love it! it's correct when it says 'see fewer blackheads' because it really does make them less visable, and prevents more from coming. it basically does exactly what it says on the tube! :D
i then wash all that off and use the clean and clear morning energy skin energising facial wash. right, i love the feeling this gives. it has 'bursting beads' in it, and when you rub them into your skin they burst and tingle your skin. it makes your skin really minty if that makes sense?! it really does wake me up in the morning! it has also made my skin a lot brighter so it makes a difference to your skin!
night time routine:-
updated skin care routine!updated skin care routine!
hot cloth cleanser is kind of a new craze now, ever since the liz earle cleanse and polish has become so popular! i got the no7 one for about £4 i think because i used one of the vouchers! it comes with a muslin cloth too which is a bonus. i take all my make up off, massage this into my skin, run the cloth under hot water, lay the cloth over my face to open my pores then buff it off. it makes your skin really soft and looking really great. and it acts as a scrub aswell and i do like a good scrub!
then i tone with the nivea visage pure and natural cleansing toner. if i'm honest, i don't really know what a toner's meant to do but everyone always says 'cleanse, tone & moisturise,' so i tone, just in case it does actually help my skin. i've noticed it does take off any cleanser and make up that i've missed though so thats gooood!
updated skin care routine!
and finally, this is my moisturise. i moisturise morning and night, and this is a great one. it's really moisturising without over doing it and making your skin feel oily, and i just love this a lot! this is the rich one, but as i said, it isn't too much for the skin!
thanks for reading!
maddie xx

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