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Garnier Summer Body Vs. Johnson's Holiday Skin!

By Maddie @maddiestweets
hey everyone!
this post is coming from the holder of the most pastiest legs ever!
in the summer, i find my face, arms and chest tan really easily and i generally go a golden color. however, when it comes to my legs - nada!
it looks a bit silly really, it looks like i've subtly fake tanned my whole body but forgot to do my legs!
i've always had this fear of fake tan - i've never tried it but i know that if i did i'd end up looking like the love child of an oompa-loompa and snooki!
so i thought it was about time i found a really good gradual tan for my legs!
i've only tried two so i thought i'd review the two that i have tried.
johnson's holiday skin:-
garnier summer body vs. johnson's holiday skin!
quite frankly, i think this was an absolute let down.
firstly, i am one of those people that when i start using something i want to see results instantly. so when i try a gradual tan i want to start seeing results within about 5 days!
i didn't see any results with this. i even started using it day and night at one point and still nothing! i am quite pale, so i don't think its because i was using the palest one because my legs are so pale they could blind! so if i can't use the subtlest one who can?!
secondly, on the back of the bottle it says that you need to let the moisturiser sink in completely before you put your clothes on, but i wasn't expecting it to take about 10 minutes! i found it left my skin quite sticky and it just sort of sat on the skin and didn't properly sink in.
so as you can proberly tell, i am not a fan of this. it has a pleasant smell i spose, but i didn't use it for the smell i used it for the tan and it didn't do anything :(
1 star - and that's pushing it ;D
garnier summer body:-
garnier summer body vs. johnson's holiday skin!
after the johnson's holiday skin i had kind of lost faith in gradual tan, but i knew i had to do something about the legs so i had to give another one a go!
my friends had been using the garnier summer body and i had also heard about it in the blogging and youtube community, so i decided to give it a go.
the thing i fell in love with instantly was the smell! it has a gorgeous apricot scent and is just so summery!
i knew it would be moisturising too because its from the same sort of line as the 7 day intensive lotion which i also love.
i noticed results with this within three days which is amazing - i really wasn't expecting to see results that quickly! it gave me a really nice natural color. i got the most subtle one because of my paleness and it made my legs looked naturally tanned instead of looking so orange!
also, there is absolutely no waiting around for this to sink in. it does say on the back of the bottle that you do have to wait so i was expecting thay it might take a while but i didn't have to wait at all!
i am so happy with this - definitely 5 stars! i am no longer a pale-legged freak :D
i definitely recommend the garnier summer body and steer clear from the johnson's holiday skin!
thanks for reading!

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