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Updated Scratch Art Father’s Day Card

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
Updated Scratch Art Father’s Day CardThis is my new favorite way for students to make a scratch art picture – with black marker drawing first, and then layers of oil pastel on top. The result is a very artsy image this is 100% their own creativity.1. Students folded a letter size paper in half (heavy stock is best) and then wrote D-A-D in either block letters or very fat stick letters with a permanent black marker.2. My favorite Portfolio® oil pastels really do work best in the layering of color. I recommended that they choose a combination of light colors to cover the entire paper.3. A dark color (dark blue, dark purple, or black, etc.) was used to cover the entire page again. Lots of pastel needs to be used for the best results.4. Students used a wooden stick to scratch off their designs. This could be just lines, or patterns and writing too. Be warned, this is messy, but lots of fun! I used it for kinder through 4th graders today and all walked away with a card they were really proud of.

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