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Update on NAKED and Champneys

By Ceriblog @ceriblog

Ok, so after doing reviews on all these products, I started using them again - because let's just say I wasn't too amazed by these items to say the least. These have actually become a part of my daily skincare routine, which is making my face so soft and relatively spot-free!

Update on NAKED and Champneys

Naked Skin Bare Faced Cheek Softening Face Wash £4.49 for 200ml*
Originally, I did really like this product - as you will see in my post here. I really enjoyed using this product and have since been using it EVERYDAY. I just wanted to write this up to update you on how I feel about this product and what is does.
I use this every morning and sometimes at night to get rid of any greasiness or make-up that may be balancing on my face. I find this product has really, really improved my redness on my cheeks dramatically and therefore haven't used as much foundation on my face, resulting in better skin - WHO KNEW?
It's not too drying on the skin, and have only had a few breakouts (only one spot at a time) which have disappeared completely within 2 - 3 days. I would really recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin and perhaps people prone to breakouts and blemishes.
I'll definitely be repurchasing as my bottle is nearly out!

Update on NAKED and Champneys

Conditioning Cleansing Milk 200ml for £7*I wasn't really at all interested in this cleansing milk because I always prefer 'eye make-up remover' or 'make-up remover' products rather than 'milk' eww. But no, this has been quite a surprise..
I have found that it's very conditioning and can make the face relatively greasy but paired with the right product, it can be fab-u-lous! I pair it with my 3-in-1 Daily Cleanser Spot Control by Neutrogena (which I've mentioned in a few of my videos) because it's quite drying in areas but really does eliminate spots, so this kind of counteracts the greasiness of the Cleansing Milk and works wonders. I wake up with such soft skin that looks effortlessly energised.. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with oily skin - unless you pair it with a drying cleanser or toner. Check out my previous review here.

Update on NAKED and Champneys

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