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Update: Dairy-Free Challenge

By Blushingantics @BlushingAntics
It has been over a month since my last post regarding my attempt to go dairy-free. I'll be blunt: I failed within the first week and I know exactly why
I tried both coconut milk and almond milk. I will say that I love the way they taste alone and with things like cereal, but my issue lies within the fact that nothing can replace dairy milk in my coffee. I even tried a non-dairy coffee creamer. It was okay, but it wasn't milk. However, I have greatly reduced my intake of dairy and am hoping to completely eliminate dairy eventually. When it comes to changing a habit, baby steps are a must.
I have also increased how much water I drink and I'm trying to cut back on processed foods as well. My goals are not solely because of my skin. I really want a healthier lifestyle. I'm curious: what do you do to stay healthy? Also, what counts as "healthy" for you? Most people have their own definition of what it means to be healthy, so I'm curious to know what you think.
I'm not sure what else I can say in this post, so I'll end it here. I hope you've been having a great week!

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