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Upcycled Glass Bottle

By The Dreams Weaver
My husband and I were shopping at my company’s store, and we spotted this Adult Chocolate Milk. I really wanted to get it, as I love chocolate milk {and already had an idea for the bottle to be re-purposed once we finished it!} Needless to say, it looked better than it tasted. I needed to add a ton more milk and chocolate syrup for it to taste right. It lasted longer than I expected, but we finally finished it all.
Upcycled Glass Bottle by The Dreams WeaverWhat you will need:
Any glass bottle with a lid
Upcycled Glass Bottle by The Dreams WeaverStart by removing both the front and back label of your glass bottle. The label on this one came off perfectly in one piece since the label was plastic not paper. But, if your glass has a paper label, just soak the label under running water and rub with your fingers.
Upcycled Glass Bottle by The Dreams Weaver
Next, clean your bottle from whatever was in there before. You don’t want your lemonade smelling like booze! If the smell won’t come out after washing it, leave the glass overnight filled with diluted vinegar and water.
Upcycled Glass Bottle by The Dreams WeaverNow, fill the glass with lemonade or whatever drink you like!
Another great idea is to use it for your olive oil, so much better than the ugly store containers they come in, or even salad dressings…the ideas are endless!
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