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"Up To Your Ass In Alligators"

By Trebeca04

"Up To Your Ass In Alligators"   Simply put, I love working with scrabble tiles! These pieces are so fun to make. The hardest part is finding the perfect substrate to put them on. It can be a box, a lid, a small cabinet door, a picture frame, most anything will work, the tiles just have to fit.   People love these simple works. On the days I work at the gallery, I love to watch people stand in front of these and try to read them. When they finally read through to the end, they will inevitably crack up with laughter. Sometimes they look around, hoping no one is watching.   For this piece, I took a wooden game board and laid out the scrabble tiles to spell out my favorite saying:  "WHEN YOU ARE UP TO YOUR ASS IN ALLIGATORS, IT IS DIFFICULT TO REMEMBER THAT YOUR INITIAL OBJECTIVE WAS TO DRAIN THE SWAMP"    I attached a small rubber alligator on top. Ready to hang or sit on a stand. (click on image to enlarge)

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