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Unusual Honeymoons: Uganda Safaris

By Honeymoonblogger

I haven’t really touched on unusual honeymoons for a while, but today I’d like to discuss one, and that’s Uganda. Not many people immediately decide upon heading to a country like Uganda for their honeymoon. In my experience, more or less everyone still really just wants a trip to the beach with maybe some adventure on the side. Well known countries like Kenya and South Africa can do that just fine – but what’s the appeal in heading to Uganda instead?

Uganda’s main appeal lies in its ability to see different kinds of animals. While Africa has a huge variety of different landscapes, the traditional image of a safari is very much open grasslands and desert. In contrast, Uganda is a forested, dense and lush country, completely landlocked with a wealth of different wildlife. The country is most famous for gorilla trekking and bird watching and is a favourite with people who have been to Africa multiple times. Uganda has not had an easy past, but is emerging to become a better country and an attractive destination for safari goers.

Gorilla trekking is, reportedly, one of life’s most moving experiences.  Seeing these animals up close and in the flesh is an indescribable experience. They can and often will approach you, sometimes touching your clothes, and the sheer intelligence in their eyes is something that isn’t captured on film or in videos. You’ll have spotted a glimpse of it seeing these animals in the zoo or in an unfortunate enclosure; it’s so much more powerful to see them in the wild where they belong.

Uganda is also renowned for bird watching. There are more than 400 different bird species flitting around the trees of this country and you’ll get quite a few opportunities to spot them if that’s what you fancy on your safari holiday. You’ll see quite a few of them over a 2 week stay, including the shoebill. There are many other varieties of animal there, including chimpanzees, and more traditional safari wildlife such as lions and leopards also inhabit the nature sanctuaries.

All visitors to Uganda will require a visa, but these are easily obtained at the point of entry, as well as in advance from Uganda embassies or High Commisions. You will need to prove that you are leaving and have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay.

While it may not be one of the more traditional safari destinations, Uganda safaris have a lot to offer the excited safari goer. If you are considering a second or third trip to Africa, Uganda may be your destination of choice for a honeymoon.

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By Uganda Safaris
posted on 26 September at 10:24
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Uganda is a beautiful country and that is a fact. Gorilla safaris in Uganda is the core of Uganda safaris. Despite the few number of people allowed to trek gorillas in a day, the experience is humbling

By Richard_White
posted on 15 September at 15:41
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I went on a uganda safari with my friends a year ago and we had an amazing time. I had been on a few safari holidays before and wanted to try somewhere new in Africa. Thanks for the great post!