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UnReal & Odd Mom Out

Posted on the 21 July 2015 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch

UnReal & Odd Mom Out
THE ANSWER TO FRIDAY'S TRIVIA QUESTION: The theme song to CSI Miami is "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who

FIRST FIVES: Rachel Snyder, Ed Ziskind, Mike O'Dea, Monica Caraffa & Kathy Connelly

Friday's Broadcast Top 5 Dateline-NBC .9/4.6
20/20-ABC .9/4.5
What Would You Do-ABC .9/4.2
America's Got Talent-NBC .8/3.7
Shark Tank-ABC .7/4.1
Friday's Cable Top 5
Alaskan Bush People-Discovery 1.0/3.7
Family Guy-Adult Swim .7/1.8
Treasure Quest: Snake-Discovery .6/2.0
Girl Meets World-Disney .6/2.3
Family Guy-Adult Swim .6/1.4
Friday's Top 5 Primetime Twitter Ratings Bellator MMA Live-Spike 10,000 Tweets Marriage Boot Camp-WE 9,000 Tweets Tonight Show-NBC 5,000 Tweets Common Sense with Charlamagne-MTV2 4,000 Tweets Sex with Brody-E! 2,000 Tweets
Sunday's Broadcast Top 5 Celebrity Family Feud-ABC 2.0/8.7
Big Brother-CBS 1.8/5.9
BattleBots-ABC 1.3/4.4
America's Funniest Home Videos-ABC .9/4.5
60 Minutes-CBS .8/7.9

Sunday's Cable Top 5 NA
Sunday's Top 5 Nielsen Twitter Ratings WWE Battleground-PPV 292,000 Tweets

Big Brother-CBS 44,000 Tweets
Tut-Spike 23,000 Tweets
True Detective-HBO 18,000 Tweets
Celebrity Family Feud
Top 5 DVR'ed Show for the Week of 6/29/15-7/5/15
Duck Dynasty-A&E from a .9 to a 1.6 (+78%)
True Detective-HBO from a 1.1 to a 1.8 (+64%)
Deadliest Catch-Discovery from a 1.0 to a 1.6 (+60%)
Real Housewives of the OC-Bravo from a .7 to a 1.3 (+86%)
The Last Ship-TNT from a .7 to a 1.3 (+86%)
Spike's first scripted drama, TUT premiered Sunday night with some pretty respectable numbers. Part one was seen by 1.7 million viewers. With the encore, 2.6 million million. Without Steve Martin or Suzannah Hoffs, I'm out. If you have a clue who Suzannah Hoffs is…10 points! 
Odd Mom Out
My husband and I don't watch a ton of shows together. Mainly because I watch WAY TOO MUCH and most of what I watch doesn't include cars, engines, WW2 battles or conspiracy theories.  Last night as I was watching Odd Mom Out, my husband decided to join me. Pretty sure that will never happen again. Sure, last nights episode wasn't one of the best but you would have thought my husband was having a root canal. He was miserable and couldn't understand at all how I could watch such garbage. Okay, it's not for him, but I'm obsessed with Jill Kargman and have done my homework. Jill's Dad used to be the President of Chanel. Her Mom's name is Coco (but I don't think she is THAT Coco.) Jill's brother is married to Drew Barrymore. Can you imagine the family get-togethers? Jill went to Yale and pretty much plays herself. I know my husband isn't impressed at all and doesn't see it, but I'm fascinated by her and hope she's at some Bravo thing I get to go to soon.
There are only 2 episodes of this awesome show left. My husband might not admit it, but he definitely enjoyed this one and even called out one of the shockers of the night. I just love how much manipulation goes on between the cast and the crew. Pretty amazing that whatever Quinn needs Rachel to do or get out of Adam or any of the girls, she gets the job done. This is a woman that barely eats, sleeps in a truck, and can't smell that great since I'm pretty sure she's only showered twice. Rachel's a pretty interesting character,  but Quinn is even more interesting to me. I was SO happy when Chet left that horrible wife and proposed to Quinn with a mega rock. Who knew 5 seconds later he'd be getting a BJ from one of the hideous PA's on the set and Quinn would see it all? My husband! That's who! Look out Chet, Quinn is going to nail you at some point and I can only imagine what she has in store. Chet almost drove Rachel off a cliff in his Aston Martin which freaked ME OUT! Rachel had some master moves getting Adam to go for Anna and a spinoff. I thought all Adam was getting in return was a vineyard restoration but turns out, he also got Rachel. Who knows if it was all part of her manipulation or if she really has feelings for him. I thought she had feelings for Jeremy and he did too, so much so that he dumped his fiance, but when he went to hook up with Rachel, she was in bed with Adam. Wait til she finds out that Quinn has it all on camera! I don't watch The Bachelor or the Bachelorette do they really have the contestants giving each other massages and mud baths? Maybe I should start watching.  THE OTHER STUFF 
-I know there are a ton of So You Think You Can Dance fans out there. Last night was the first time fans had the opportunity to save two dancers, one from the street and one from the stage using real time voting via Twitter. Did anyone actually use #save? Who'd you save? Street or Stage? Just curious.
-Of course I'm biased because the MTV VMA's are a big deal for Verizon as we are sponsors, but I'm pretty psyched that Miley Cyrus is hosting. I gotta think it will boost numbers and bring  back a bit of the wild and unexpected the show needs. Miley did some serious twerking and made her tongue almost as famous as Gene Simmons' during her last appearance in 2013. I can only imagine what she'll do to surprise and shock us all. 
Monday's Trivia Question: What was the theme song of THE WONDER YEARS? 
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