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'Unkempt' Brows a 'Thing' For Spring?

By Thebeautyscoop

'Unkempt' Brows a 'Thing' For Spring?

L: Alexander Wang NYFW S/S 2014, R: BCBG NYFW S/S 2014.

So, it seems 'unkempt' brows are going to be a 'thing' in spring 2014, if celebrity eyebrow specialist Elke Von Freudenberg's prediction is anything to go by. Speaking after New York Fashion Week, Elke said  “Models sported thick brows that reminded you of Brooke Shields from the 80’s that are full, thick and kept natural looking with very little brow makeup. The stenciled brow is officially over.

"Not only are brows thick and full, brows will be more layered looking, with stray hairs being more prevalent along the bottom of the brow line. Brows will also be less trimmed and kept longer to go with the fuller look for Spring." said Elke.
Elke suggests:
1. Let a row or two of brow hairs grow along the bottom of the brows. Avoid cleaning them up and let them grow in for a fuller layered look.
2. Avoid trimming the brows close to the brow and the let them grow longer, especially the ones near the fronts of the brows.
3. For thicker brows, use a colored Brow Mascara to sweep hairs up and out to mimic a thicker brow. Elke suggests her Brow Fixx in Blondie or Brunette.
4. For thinner brows, use a Clear Brow Gel, brush through. And while it's still damp, use a eyebrow pencil to mimic brow hairs and apply hair like strokes through the whole brow or only where needed. Concentrate on the fronts and then tail ends of the brows or a natural look.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I have stray hairs lurking on my brows (and, well anywhere really) my first instinct is to GET RID!! I'm not entirely sure I'll be rocking the slightly messy brow look, however 'fashionable' it is.
How about you?

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