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United Explosion… Where It Began… Twin Truth!

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

Motorcycle DetailsHere is a twin truth… Inside your heart in physical can you feel him/her and his/her energy.. this can be him/her not feeling well.. him/her going through something, randomly out of no where you feel a dagger in the heart or a piercing…  this is a humbling experience that feels sexual in nature because your twin is mating and in his/her mating he/she is calling to you but giving to someone else?  This happened to us to a depth that even as I try to write you to explain this, I am not capturing the energy that this feels like.  You can feel your twin do everything.. not in a sense the mind makes it.. your being within your physical body absorbs what they do.. If this was your twin, the eyes connected to a place inside the soul that left you without words it pushed you into the space of the unknown..  Now that we are together, we radiate each others energy as she feels me I feel her.. I even have encompassed physical aspects of the cycle monthly,  the doctors have no explanation!  When she is on the treadmill my heart races, and we are not even in the same space… Do you clearly understand this is vibrational, it has no reason that we know of!  It only has this truth to speak inside of the self!


Where twins originate from…

close your eyes imagine this… a sphere of energy almost as powerful and warm as the sun.. on this sphere is energy it derives as energy to the core.. yet it is always exploding.. each tiny sphere is jumping about.. some jump and some have other spheres around them with not so much energy, yet they all seem to be energy with a unmeasurable amount of jump.. as they jump, they can jump off the sphere of energy, and ascend to create the same as the sphere or source itself.. When a sphere splits in this case they very much are still the same sphere…


The center of the originating sphere has a purpose, it creates and birth’s the energy of the spheres, and the originating sphere energy is very active of spheres doing the same..  again as energy when they split they are in bliss just as they were connected in one sphere.. This sphere energy is powerful, and it is beyond yet it is what we know as the atom is capable of in truth.. For these sphere’s eventually became self aware of the energy itself, and has evolved over millions of years… This ancient understanding has been lost only to be reunited with twins who can encompass this past the mind and ego in union..

As twins connect they get to embrace the core without any understanding of it.. just the knowing of it and the energy it represents!


If your connection is cemented in connection without thinking this is the gift that expands the universe inside you!

s a sphere the origination of yin and yang energy originated not with the term of positive and negative but with two parts one to be aware of the other connecting not down the middle but with lines that are always crossing each other….  This would be the S that is in place.

One half that is whole that prompts the other to awake in wholeness… One that prompts the other to be connected…

he sphere energy connected is the source itself.. It hasn’t reached it’s peak as it still is destructive expansion in nature… The origin of twins is embedded in the shooting spheres as it were.  This connection is close to center of the source itself.. The numbers of these twins have dwindled greatly over the centuries as the belief was lost.. Yet so was the origin… Yet it is only possible that maybe less that a 1000 on the planet will truly peak to the realization, thus experiencing the true origin.. Some have found this yet couldn’t lose the human teachings to embrace the connection in truth!
he truth has been elusive,  unless or until twins reach the staggering truth of the I inside and embedded in the source itself.. Where does the truth go when you leave here or before you got here.. there are many forms of energy you can transpose to.. but none are ever disconnected… all is connected to be connected to your twin without the human need or want, will give you that most prominent gift of truth.. and how the connection is and how we have greatly missed this experience in how it is translated!

s you pay attention to those that have come to their twin you will hear a great pain and a great suffering of what is gone through… we have missed the place of self connection to miss how we reconnect to our twin.. More blame is placed on the other not seeing that the violent separation of twins was done when the split happen without the mind.. To cement back as a whole the wholeness was not captivated completely to see the jagged edges of what connects them back.. do you see this clearly?


Yes, the deeper message here is just remember the exploding that was in disconnection is the same as the explosion in reconnecting! It will be jagged and messy!  There is no other way to birth to rebirth the truth in this connection.  It is this message that shares the understanding of why it seems hard yet is necessary to experience this pain as it is!  It needs the jagged edges to line up and then a further explosion to cement..  This is the bliss of twins.. It’s truth is not escaping you only the seeing it from this view!

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