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*Unique Wedding Ideas

By Ourbabyblog @OurBabyBlogx
*Unique Wedding IdeasWhether you're soon to be married or maybe just got engaged and looking at planning ahead of time, when it comes to your wedding day there are so many things you have to think about, invitations, catering, setting, dresses, shoes, hairstyle, makeup, bridesmaids, best men, speakers, music, can seem never ending! I think most of us picture the perfect wedding and have our own specific ideas on how it should look, I myself have never been one for anything extravagant or over the top, I really dislike being the center of attention too, obviously I can make an exception for my wedding day, although I think the groom gets left out a little! Here are 5 things I would LOVE to have at my wedding, I'm not really traditional as you will probably tell haha..
*Unique Wedding IdeasPolaroid cameras
Ahhh this gets me so excited, a single camera on every table, for the guests to capture themselves or the special moments in their own way, whether they take the photos with them or leave them on the tables, once everyone has left you are left with fun snapshots from everyone's perspective!
*Unique Wedding IdeasBBQ!
Why spend a fortune on catering in a fancy hotel when you can hire an area to have a massive BBQ, you could even have it on the beach (obviously with permission) you could hire someone to cook the food or have some family and friends do it for you! Who doesn't love a BBQ? Burgers, kebabs, sausages, salad, oh my mouth is watering already! For me it would be perfect, something unconventional and informal! 
*Unique Wedding IdeasLocation
My dream location is to get married on the beach, soft sands, blue sky, perfect for photography and who doesn't love the beach?! I love the idea of being outside too, and if it rains? Hire a huge marquee, decorated with pretty fairy lights! Ahhh my mind wanders off with the amount of things you can do outside, make a whole day out there, get a huge fire going for everyone to sit round, marshmallows, music, ahhh :)
After Dinner Speakers
These are becoming more and more popular with weddings/dinners/charity balls, personally it would really put the cherry on top of a great dinner to have a comedian come out and get the laughs out, my personal choices would be Michael McIntyre or Jimmy Carr, I end up crying with laughter everytime listen to those 2! I just think it is a fun way to get the wedding guests more involved and make the day even more special and memorable! Just make sure no-one tells them the embarrassing stories of you as a could be crying with embarrassment instead! :)

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