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Unique Celebration Ideas For Your Wedding

By Mahnoor Malik @MahnoorMalik90

Ideas For Your Wedding

As much as we say that our wedding day is the most important of our lives, anyone who has become conditioned to being a wedding guest will know very well that these occasions can often all be the same. If you’re getting married at the end of 2013 or you’re currently planning your wedding for the summer season in 2014, you might be thinking of some of the ways to make your day unique.

Having a different wedding doesn’t mean you need to plump for fancy dress(bridal dresses) or have a special theme to your day, or even splash out on an over the top venue. What you could do is create a memorable focus for your evening celebration, something that everyone will remember for a long time, which will definitely make your wedding stand apart from the others you and your guests will attend in the future.

Here are some of our favorite, most inspirational ideas.Ply & Cherry Wedding Party

Dance Troupes

If you decide to hire a professional dance troupe, you have a number of options you can explore. The first is to be as traditional as possible and perhaps go for a group of ballroom dancers rather than an all-singing and dancing troupe that wouldn’t be out of place on the set of Glee.

That option is something you might want to do for fun, however, if your guests are largely of the younger generation.

You could also hire a dancer who comes to your wedding and performs but then also provides a quick lesson for the benefit of your guests. Salsa and similar dance classes are frequently seen in bars around the world, so having one at your wedding is not too big a stretch of the imagination.

Fireworks Demonstrations

Although there is a school of thought that says when you’ve seen one fireworks display you’ve seen them all, with a little imagination you can stop this myth dead in its tracks. The trick is to not rely on the venue or on a family member to take care of the display, but to use a professional display company instead.

If you get fireworks at Fireworks Crazy or other similar companies, they’ll take care of everything for you, including contacting the venue on your behalf and doing all the planning.

This way, your display will shift from being one the same as everyone else’s to something tailored especially for you. Everyone loves fireworks, but the reality is very few remember a specific display they have witnessed. Don’t let that be the case with yours.


Not only is this a unique idea for your wedding, it is something unexpected that everyone will love.  You could have someone painting a portrait of your party, but the more fun option is probably to hire a caricature artist, or if you have a lot of room you could even use a graffiti artist to create work for guests.

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Your only real choice is whether you are going to pay a small fee for the artist to attend and then they can get your guests to pay for their artwork, or whether you pay a larger sum in return for unlimited creations.  All artists will have a different take on how they want to work, so decide which approach will create the best atmosphere at your wedding and then start finding an artist.
Forget about a wedding that is the same as all the others. Have something truly unique that you and your guests will remember long after the event.

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Jessica is a wedding planner who has contacts from the fireworks, magic, and dance industries, among others, meaning she is always able to organize unique and exciting entertainment for any of her clients who have such requests.

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