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Hidden Beauty Tips:The Secrets Hidden in the Beauty of Celebrities

By Mahnoor Malik @MahnoorMalik90

Many people long to get the beauty tips and secrets straight from the celebrities who know better. Following are Hidden Beauty Tips and secrets which the world’s known heroes have used to look stunning throughout the years.

Nurture your face

Every celebrity knows the damage the sun can do to your beautiful skin. For instance, Nicole Kidman reveals that she applies a lot of sunscreen when going outdoors and she actually tries to avoid direct sun. UV rays is the worst thing as far as aging is concerned and if you want to maintain your beauty over the years or if you desire to age gracefully, you need to come up with a safe skin mission. Anti-aging products can also do wonders to your looks. Mary-Louise Parker invests in natural anti-aging products such as the regenerating serum. Appreciating a good sunscreen will prevent you from damaging your skin.

Nurture your face

Koralina Kurkova swears by lemon which she uses to wash her face. This remedy works for her since the acid pulls out all toxic that needs to come out

Give your skin tender loving care

There is no delicate part of the body like the face and Demi Moore knows this better. The celebrity shares her beauty secret of looking young and glowing despite her years. No matter how late she gets home or how tired she is at the end of the day, she can never sleep before cleansing and moisturizing her face. Demi Moore believes that if you work on good skin care you will really not need to mask your face with a lot of makeup. Using a high quality moisturizer helps to improve the appearance of your skin.

Give your skin tender loving care

Eat right

The saying which goes like: you are what you eat, is basically true. It is important you watch what goes in your mouth for this will define the outside appearance. Uma Thurman always includes veggies and fruits in her diet which leaves her more energized with a beautiful look.

Work your body

Rihanna’s secret to her attractive body is swimming. Any celebrity will tell you that you cannot expect to have gorgeous body by just sitting on the couch in front of the television all day long. You need to invest in a gym and work your body. Ask Cameroon Diaz how she has managed to maintain the young look and she will tell you its lots of sex, lots of laughter, and most importantly exercising.

Work your body

Take care of your hair

You look at celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, among others and all you do is admire their hair. When it comes to your hair, Nicole Kidman advices that you need to seek a product that works best with your locks. She says the hair beauty secret of red hair is washing it with cranberry juice and if you have blonde hair, rinsing it with champagne will give you the celebrity look.

Take care of your hair

Drink lots of water

Besides getting facials every six weeks, Naomi Watts’s secret to the irresistible look is drinking lots of water. Drinking adequate water not only enhances your health but it also gives you a radiant complexion, increased energy as well as bright, clear eyes. This is one reason why Halle Berry has the youthful, radiant skin.

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Follow these Hidden Beauty Tips………

Image Sources: Daily Mail, Splash News Online, Mirror, Flickr

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