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Understanding A Pandemic Outbreak and Ways to Survive

By Moamen Enoo
Understanding A Pandemic Outbreak and Ways to Survive

Be it the television news or when you try to browse something from any website, all that you notice will be updates about COVID19. You get a lot of Information and precautions that we all need to follow to survive this situation of pandemic disease outbreak.

You should understand the current situation well to handle it the right way. Following the safety precautions like using face masks, maintaining social distancing etc. is very important to stay protected. It is a good idea to buy the Respiratory Masks in Bulk because going out is not advisable and it is even prohibited in some countries and strictly enforced by law.

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What is a pandemic and how does it differ from an epidemic?

As much as a pandemic situation is difficult to handle, it is the same case to correctly define what a pandemic is. In a layman's term a pandemic is defined as an unexpected and sudden outbreak of a disease in excessive rates, more than what is expected for a geographic location.

If we need to understand the difference between the pandemic and epidemics, we need to first understand that a pandemic is a type of epidemic. However, the main difference is that a pandemic spread more rapidly and affects the entire world while the epidemic affects only a specific region or few areas.

Ways to survive a pandemic

There are a few things that we can follow during a pandemic outbreak to stay safe and to prevent infection. They are

  • Maintain personal hygiene. Always being hygienic and clean helps in prevention of infection. Washing your hands and keeping yourself clean is very important.
  • Avoid contact with surfaces that might have been infected just in case, so that you can avoid coming in contact with the virus or the pathogen.
  • If you have the habit of touching your nose or mouth, please avoid this at any cost. This may transmit the virus into your system, if you have the pathogens in your hand.
  • Try to stay home as much as possible. This might sound pretty basic but it always works as it may help us from catching a new infection.
  • Always remember that developing immunity is the best way to fight a disease, be it a pandemic outbreak or in a normal situation.

This situation may be scary and strange for us now. But if we join our hands in this fight against this pandemic and follow the safely guideline given to us by our authorities and the health experts, then we can sure bring the situation under control. We already have positive examples and experiences proving this.

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