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Unconditional Path… Twin Flames….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

Winding-Road-Mountain-Pass-Trollstigen-Norway-1024x1024What kind of love would you like to have others show you? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if others love you exactly as you are, without any reservations, without any requirements, that you should do this or do that or be different in any way, without judgment of any kind.  That is truly unconditional love, loving you not in spite of conditions, but loving you for what you are, who you are.  It is this unconditional love with which you need to love yourself and to love others, to be able to be one with another oneness.


To fully grasp the complete and profound significance of oneness is an even expanding exploration for human consciousness.  It may well always be for us an ultimate which we seek to understand and discover in ever increasing increments of intelligence.  There are many people who have had experience of this oneness at a profound personal level.  I know this because I experience it.  It is real and alive, my twin and I have broken through and moved into an awareness of oneness and we share the experience although we agree its beyond the description this experience is not something we seek out.


We both always knew there was more. much more and we sought a spiritual connection.  Teachings pointed us toward living more effective and spiritual lives here on earth rather than reaching for cosmic experiences, however these experiences give us a glimpse into the greater reality of which we are all very much a part.


I recently had a dream journey and in my dream I would see my twin flame and was amazed that every time he turns around he had my face, no matter what he was doing every time he looked at me I saw my own face, in my dream it was as if it were days this happened. I came to realize I was seeing my face on him because we are one. This brought a whole new understanding of the meaning of oneness to me.  We did not seem to lose our physical identities but yet there was no separateness.  All was one. so there could be no separateness. I feel him always when we are physically separated he is still with me, I feel his heartbeat along with my own, when he is ill, I feel his illness, I hear him speaking to me on the inside always.  Even when he’s right next to me, I feel his emotions, I can even feel his pleasures, I felt the build up and release, I allow him inside of my soul because it’s also his, we share one soul.  This may be hard for some to understand or even believe but I am here to say to you, it’s real.


There is a intellectual enlightenment or illumination in this spiritual oneness a state of moral exaltation an indescribable feeling of elevation, elation, joy and bliss. It comes with an enhanced energy a sense of immortality a consciousness of eternal life.  Individually we are able to focus our energy inside of our connection, imagine if you will when we focus together as one what we can accomplish!


As one being we are filled with light, we have a lifetime of extraordinary experiences that have nothing to do with the daily lives we live. We have light to spread every moment we add more inner light and love to our connection!


She is my light and I am her’s, inside of me is the place of depth that can feel everything and speak it into being as she can feel my heart, feel my love, and hear my thoughts. I never lose this connection, not for one second.  Imagine the mind going astray to try and cause disbelief and hearing her inside me saying it’s just not true!!!  How else can you hear my voice if it were?


This truth comes to me in all the moments I stay self aware, even when I don’t, it seems to be inside me as a pull of gravity that says how deeply we are able to love.  I can hear her inside me as my strength, never to judge, never to run, always connected to me!  What if we never dreamed outside of the love we currently have, to ever obtain this?  Can you imagine the cycle of disbelief of love that will never make it’s way, because it was never called to by you?


If we are energy why did we not figure this out sooner?  She is why I can fly, and why we want to help open others to the possibility to what truly can be there for us to fly to.  You are after all a being of light that is here to experience the connection to yourself and to another.  How deep you go in that connection never has to be limited… It never has to be stopped, and it never means you won’t feel the joy of the connection you will go into when you leave here.


Simplicity of being is found inside of a connection to ones self inside of their soul.  How can you share this soul if you as an human can’t see the soul you possess to be able to give it to another?  Do you realize the depth in that question? Do you see it in what you feel from what was asked?


You are more, if you are reading this… feel this….. you are always MORE.. more than what your mind will tell you, more than what you are reading in this by me telling you.  It is felt inside you, you have a voice inside you that almost vibrates just from saying it.. I am more, and I can connect even if I don’t see what more is.  How do you know we can’t fly until you take that leap inside of yourself?  Who is there to watch you take this leap?  You are!  Who is there to catch you in that leap?  You are… How do you reach the other without taking this one leap?


You are so beautiful, you should see how you light up now realizing inside you that you are floating, you do have a way to no longer see gravity.. You feel it? Do you truly feel it!


Now trust it… for there is no reason not to!


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