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Umbrella Season in Russia, with Language Help.

By Mendeleyeev

It is that time of the year again, бабье лето (Indian summer), and that means we’re frequently reaching for a зонт (umbrella), spoken as “zont” in Russian. Autumn is осень, pronounced “O-sin” in Russian and with it comes the need for protection from rain and light snows on latter autumn days.

Umbrella vending. Photo: Anna Shikunova

Umbrella vending. Photo: Anna Shikunova

It isn’t too often in the West that one finds a vending machine for umbrellas (зонты) but we do have them in Eastern Europe. This one can be seen in Saint Petersburg and offers three varying styles. The term for such a vending machine is Зонтомат (“ZON-ta-maht) and from this machine we are offered:

лёгкий (“lyo-ki”) is a lightweight umbrella for just 100 rubles ($3).

антиветер (“ahn-ti ve-ter”) is a more sturdy windbreaker umbrella for 200 rubles ($6).

сувенирный (“su-ve-nyer-nee”) is an umbrella with a city logo and thus sold as a souvenir. Priced at 300 rubles ($9)

So, you’re almost ready for autumn weather in Russia. Oh, what is the term for weather, you ask? Weather is погода, spoken as “pa-GO-da.”

Now you are ready for autumn.

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