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Uk Golf Participation Figures

By Golfrefugees

Golf’s steady decline. Here are the latest participation figures for golf in the UK.
Play once a week aged 16 years and over.
889,100 in 2005/06 710,400 in 2013/14
These figures represent a reduction in the number of golfers aged 16 + playing once a week of 178,700 (20%) in eight years.
Play once a week aged between 16–25.
67,800 in 2005/06 43,700 in 2013/14
A reduction of 24,100 (35.5%) in eight years.
What can the army of blazers at the R&A do to help prevent golf’s dwindling participation figures?
Will the same ideas and personnel prevail, or does golf require some new people with new ideas?
If you’re in business and love sport, the fastest growing sports are running and cycling.

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