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Ugly is the New Tasty

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

My posts are just getting more and more random.

ugly is the new tasty

Thanks for being so understanding guys. You truly are the best readers on the planet. Hopefully I just need to adjust to having my days be a little more packed, then life will feel a lot less overwhelming.

Yesterday, mid afternoon, I cracked into this baby.

ugly is the new tasty

Then I hit the gym.

ugly is the new tasty

On Wednesday I did a really intense weight/cardio workout. It was 3 circuits long combining a

cardio section (not that hard)

  • grape vines
  • burpees
  • mountain climbers
  • sliding squats

abs section

  • crunches
  • russian twists
  • bicycles
  • double crunch
  • scissor leg lifts
  • leg crunches where you put your hands behind your back and lift your legs up and down together.

weight section (with 5 pound free weights)

  • first circuit (shoulders and arms)
  • second circuit (back and abs)
  • third circuit (legs and butt)

Yesterday I was so pooped out from this workout. I jumped on the elliptical and decided to ride until I burnt 220 calories (it seemed so round and perfect). Then I called it a day.

For dinner I met up with my friend Grant and he made me a homemade strawberry margarita!


Yes… I forgot to eat dinner.


ugly is the new tasty

How ugly is that?!

For breakfast this morning I made a whole wheat oat and honey kodiak cake with some bitter sweet chocolate chunks. Then I topped it with a quick and easy raspberry sauce I made.

ugly is the new tasty

Quick and Easy Raspberry Sauce

in a sauce pan add a large handful washed raspberries, 1 tsp stevia (or sugar) and lemon juice. I just cut a lemon in half and did 1 squeeze of the half into the sauce pan.

Crush the raspberries with a wooden spoon and heat on medium heat until the raspberries are completely broken down. Mine took 8 minutes.

ugly is the new tasty


And on the way to work I stopped for some coffee.

ugly is the new tasty

On the Agenda!

I have to be at work until about 3:30-4pm (I’m finishing up a few design projects


Hello it’s bbq friday!! BBQ for lunch. Should I have tri-tip, brisket, or chicken????

I’m going to hit the gym for one of my epic 60 minute elliptical workouts

Hopefully meeting Max for dinner, maybe we’ll go out.

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